2017 Travel Round-Up

Baku by night

2017 has been a pretty amazing year for travelling. Each year I say to myself that I should probably cut down on the travelling and save more money, but let’s be realistic… that’s never gonna happen.

Plus going on holiday and shopping makes me very happy (especially when I can combine the two), so why should I stop?

Reminiscing about all the adventures I had in 2017, I’m now looking forward to seeing what awaits me in 2018 and ticking more things off my bucket list…!

Feather jacket

Copenhagen, Denmark – March 2017

I just had to book a weekend to Copenhagen, if only to bridge the gap between November 2016’s trip to Milan, and my American adventure in June 2017.

Plus, it’s my favourite city in the whole world, and I can’t go for more than a few months without visiting.

The weekend in Copenhagen was spent doing lots of shopping and sipping cocktails, and I had a pretty good time – like I always do! Oh, and I got to wear my beautiful feather jacket (funnily enough, bought on a previous CPH trip).

Flights to Copenhagen are often cheaper than booking train tickets to London, and I much prefer Denmark to the UK, so I’d be stupid not to go as often as I do!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Sofia, Bulgaria – May 2017

So, Copenhagen was going to bridge the gap between Milan and America, but then I booked ANOTHER trip – this time to Sofia.

We visited Bulgaria’s capital over the bank holiday weekend in May, and I think it’s the cheapest holiday I’ve ever been on. £250 covered my flights, accommodation and spending money.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Sofia, and it’s somewhere I’d definitely like to go back to. You can find out how I spent my 72 hours in Sofia here.

South Beach

Miami, Florida – June 2017

I booked a ten day trip to America – otherwise known as #Scandigoesstateside with my travel buddy who lives in America.

The first three days were spent in Miami, as it’s somewhere we’d both always wanted to go. We spent most of our time lounging by a beach or pool, although we did spend a day in the Everglades, navigating our way down Alligator Alley in a canoe (not actually finding any alligators, unfortunately!)

Find out exactly what we got up to in Miami here.

Fire fountain

New Orleans, Louisiana – June 2017

 New Orleans was my favourite city in #Scandigoesstateside, as it felt like I was back in Europe.

From the jazz bands playing in Jackson Square, to the delicious food (I tried beignets and grits for the first time, but not together; and I also had the most amazing piece of Mississippi Mud Pie!), I loved all of it.

Checking out the floats of Mardi Gras and gazing at the alligators at Honey Island Swamp (unlike Miami, there were SO many alligators)…. I had so much fun.

I would LOVE to head back to New Orleans and celebrate Mardi Gras properly (even though I got to throw beads on Bourbon Street in June).

Find out more about my time in New Orleans here.


Boston, Massachusetts – June 2017

The final instalment of #Scandigoesstateside was two and a half days in Boston. The best night out in America was had here; featuring drinks in a former jailhouse, plenty of absinthe cocktails and one very hot barman.

So how else did I spend my time in Boston? Well, I had lots of mac’n’cheese and pancakes; visited Harvard University (and was disappointed by the lack of Legally Blonde references), and saw Boston’s skyline by boat.

I would have liked to have spent longer in Boston so that I could explore further afield and visit Salem and Cape Cod. However, Boston is only six hours away from the UK, so I’m sure I can visit again soon.

Read more on my Boston trip here.

Riga Old Town

Riga, Latvia – September 2017

I visited Riga for the second time in eight years for a weekend. The sun was shining, which was just as well, because Riga is definitely an outdoorsy city!

It was strange, because it was like nothing had changed since the time I visited before in 2009. The only tragic thing was the lack of marzipan, which was EVERYWHERE the first time I visited. I did however, stumble across chocolate at Black Magic, and cocktails at Left Door Bar, which made up for it…

Find out more about my top ten things to do in the Latvian capital here.

Elle, Alan and Priya

Copenhagen, Denmark – September 2017

Another weekend, another 12 hour trip to Copenhagen, as I showed two of my friends the sights of the Danish capital. Whilst some of that time did involve shopping (check out this beautiful coat I bought), we did actually make it round to other things, like Nyhavn, Amalienborg and Rundetaarn.

Finished off with a cocktail at K-Bar, I was glad I’d booked another trip to Copenhagen in November so that I could spend some more time there.

Google HQ

Dublin, Ireland – October 2017

Three days after Copenhagen, I flew over to Dublin with work. We had a full-on day spending time at Google HQ, learning about new innovations and technology in digital marketing.

After that, it was off for a tour of the Irish capital, followed by dinner and drinks in Temple Bar. It had been over ten years since I’d last been to Dublin, so it was really good going back to see it. I just wish I’d had a little bit longer to explore (kinda wanted to check out the Celine situation in Harvey Nichols).

Tbilisi by night

Tbilisi, Georgia – October 2017

After years of wanting to go to Tbilisi, I finally got to visit in October! I was expecting it to be similar to Belgrade in terms of looks and difficulty in getting around, but it wasn’t at all.

The Old Town was beautiful, and whilst the backstreets were run down, the buildings were lovely, and you could see the potential they had. From the cable car up to the fortress, the Chernobyl-esque ferris wheel at Mtatsminda Park and the food, I loved Georgia even more than I thought I would.

The best part? Well, aside from all of the cute cats I got to stroke, it HAD to be visiting Stalin’s home town of Gori. Lots of statues for selfies… oh, and I got to visit his train carriage and home where he was born! That’s something to tick off the bucket list.

Read more about my trip to Georgia here.

Baku flame towers

 Baku, Azerbaijan – October 2017

Seeing as I was over in Tbilisi, it made sense to catch a flight over to Baku – after all, who knew when I’d be over in that part of the world again?

I was glad I did, because even though I didn’t really know what to expect from Baku, I was very impressed. The modern skyscrapers were a huge contrast to the Old Town, and I loved being able to walk along the Caspian Sea.

My favourite thing was seeing the flame towers lit up at night in the colours of the Azerbaijan flag. I would definitely go back to Baku again – and hopefully next time, they’ll have the Celine luggage tote in black because… tax-free shoppinggg!

Find out all about my adventure in Baku here.

Tivoli gardens in winter

 Copenhagen, Denmark – November 2017

The end of 2017 would not have been complete without another trip to my most favourite city in the whole world… Copenhagen! For most of the day we went shopping (of course), and then we spent the evening at Tivoli Gardens. It was the first day of the Christmas season, so the markets were up, and we got to ride the aeroplane ride once again. I NEED more of Copenhagen in my life. It makes me very sad when I leave…

Eleven trips to seven countries and three states! Not bad, huh? And as if that wasn’t enough, I did LOTS of travelling around the UK too (I mean, I don’t want to get bored on my weekends!).

In addition to the various trips to Manchester, London and Leeds for cocktails, I also went to Newcastle, spent a weekend in Liverpool (you can read about it here), visited Bristol for the first time, and stayed in Exeter for a couple of days for my brother’s graduation in July (here’s what I wore, in case you were wondering).

And now, as the end of 2017 has drawn to a close, I’m wondering exactly where 2018 will take me.

Elle Pollicott

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