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I’m Elle Pollicott, a fan of fashion, cocktails and Scandinavia!

Digital Marketer by day, in my spare time I love nothing more than to travel around Europe, checking out the latest fashions and the best bars.

My ultimate dream is to live in Scandinavia (which I will do, one day). This is where my blog gets its name from: I’m rather partial to wearing black on black on black (like a Dane) – in fact, there’s no place where I feel more at home than when I’m shopping on the streets of Copenhagen!

Originally from Nottingham, UK, I recently moved to the bright lights of Toronto in Canada, only to realise that the UK wasn’t quite so bad as what I originally thought – which resulted in a move back!

Check out my blog for travel tips (not just the tourist attractions, but important things like where you can find the best cocktails, and the best streets for shopping!), bar reviews and fashion inspiration.

I’d love to hear from you – whether it’s letting me know what you think of my blog, want to share your own travel or fashion tips; or perhaps you’d like to work together. Just comment below or send an email to hello@dressingdanishly.co.uk

For now, I’ll leave you with some interesting facts about myself…

  • I’ve been stranded in Hell (literally)
  • I’ve river danced to B*Witched at a monastery
  • I once karate-chopped a gypsy pick-pocket
  • I had a crazy Russian stalker on a boat to Helsinki
  • I’m the BIGGEST Eurovision fan and hope to see it live one day!

Elle Pollicott

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