Acne Studios Pink Top

Acne top and checked trousers

Let me tell you a funny story (it ends well, I promise). My friend and I had gone to London on a day trip, determined we were going to have a cheap day out. The plan was to visit lots of the big parks – Regents Park and Primrose Hill, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens being just a few.

Except that day, the weather happened to be in the minus figures, and snowing constantly. We managed being outside up until 5pm, before we took refuge in a nearby café. We decided that to stay warm, we’d have just a quick look in the shops.

Our reasoning was rather than heading to Oxford Street, we would instead head to Harrods, as neither of us could actually afford to buy anything from there. Sounds reasonable, right? As if.

Acne Studios top and puffa jacket

So, we went to Harrods and I ventured upon the Acne Studios section, and came face-to-face with this beautiful pink crop top.

Obviously, I am a huge lover of Scandinavian fashion, and Acne Studios has to be one of the most famous brands of all. Whenever I’m in Illum or Magasin du Nord, I always pass by the Acne stand and wish that I could buy something from there, but up until this point I haven’t.

Acne Studios logo

That day changed everything. I tried on the top in both pink and black – and perhaps surprisingly, I opted over pink. Why? Well, because it’s the classic Acne Studios pink, and if I’m spending as much as I did on this top, I want it to look more than just a plain black T-shirt (sorry black, you’re my favourite colour really).

Acne Studios pink top

Yeah, I felt kind of guilty as I handed over my credit card, but I knew I’d pay it off eventually, and on the plus side it means I now finally own something from Acne, which means I don’t have to stare longingly at their clothes next time I’m in Scandinavia, wondering whether I should buy something… and how I would actually afford it if I did.

I’ve mainly been pairing my Acne top with my black and white Zara trousers (remember how I confessed I’ve been converted to trousers?), and my silver puffa is still going strong. However, this top looks equally as good with jeans and boots too. To be honest though, whatever Acne Studios makes, it always looks good!

Photos by Sarah Fleming.

Sports luxe with Acne Studios

Top: Acne Studios

Trousers: Zara

Jacket: H&M

Trainers: H&M

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