Aku Aku, Oslo: The One Tiki Bar I Actually Like

Aku Aku Oslo

During the three separate trips I’ve made to Oslo, every single time I’ve headed over to Aku Aku for a drink.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of tiki bars (rum isn’t at the top of my list of favourite spirits… plus I kind of have an issue with the sticky floors), but I can most definitely make an exception for Aku Aku, and not just because it’s in Oslo (hey, it’s so good, it made my list of top ten things to do in Oslo).

Coco Loco

The first time I went to Aku Aku was back in June 2014, when my friend and I met one of my dad’s friends for drinks in Grünerløkka. We got drunk on Coco Locos, before my friend and I decided to walk all the way to the Opera House at 1am (unknowingly venturing into the red light district on the way and umm, being mistaken for one of the “workers” there – you can read more about that here).

That night, it was extremely quiet – I think in fact, it was only the three of us at Aku Aku, kind of like our own private bar.

Cocktails at Aku Aku

It couldn’t have been more different the second time I visited in December 2016 – it was absolutely packed, with everyone celebrating New Years’. The menu had changed (sadly, no Coco Locos for me), but this time I had a chilli-infused cocktail, that was very warming – ideal, considering it was snowing.

Round of cocktails

My third trip to Aku Aku was in May 2018, during my most recent visit to Oslo. We stopped off at a couple of bars in Grünerløkka, but it would have been wrong not heading to Aku Aku first. The bar literally hasn’t changed at all in the four years since I first visited, except for the fact it seems to get busier with each visit. My latest choice was the Raspberry Ale Punch: Gammel Opland, lemongrass syrup, lemon, raspberry puree and lemongrass ale. It was pretty good!

Even if you’re not the biggest tiki bar fans like myself, I’d definitely recommend giving Aku Aku a try, and you might just be surprised. Oh, and the other place to visit if you’re in Oslo? Torggata Botaniske – it’s my favourite.

Aku Aku: Thorvald Meyers Gate 32, 0555 Oslo, Norway

Elle Pollicott

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