Bar Review: Café Coco Tang

Cafe Coco Tang

It’s so weird to be posting this article now that I’m in Toronto. It’s been three weeks since I left Nottingham, and it still feels weird to be living in a different continent… but hey, I had to post my review on Café Coco Tang. And besides, plans have changed and I’ll be back in the UK soon.

Coco Tang was originally an underground bar/club that was fairly hidden away, despite being on one of the main shopping streets in Nottingham. Earlier this year, they opened up the café section upstairs – still selling the same cocktails – but food and cake (yay) too.

My best friend Danielle and I went there for food after work one Friday (this makes me sad, because Danielle has gone off travelling too – literally ten days after I left!).

Parma Violet and Blueberry Lemonade

We started off with a drink: I had a Parma Violet – Absolut Mandarin and rose liqueur, which somehow, tasted exactly like parma violets. My friend opted for the drink on the right, which was a Blueberry Lemonade: bourbon, absinthe, and blueberryade.

Vietnamese food

The food Café Coco Tang specialises in is Vietnamese, and being kind of picky, it was hard for me to find something that I liked. I opted for a vegetarian dish, which tasted pretty healthy.

After that, in classic Elle and Danielle style, we had to order dessert with another cocktail (because the two really do go great together). I surprised myself by trying the lemon drizzle cake which was lovely and light (I don’t usually opt for lemon, but because it was so summery and hot, I really fancied it at the time). My friend chose the carrot cake (my usual choice). Both were pretty good!

Cocktails and cake

Deciding what to have for my final cocktail was hard: I looooove the Toblerone (complete with a few pieces of chocolate!), but the one I really wanted to try was the Regina George. So, that’s what I got. Ketel One Citron, rose liqueur, pomegranate juice, and apple and thyme bitters. Served with a miniature marzipan burn book – I’m craving one just now, thinking about it!

That burn book!

If you’re in Nottingham, and you’re looking for cocktails and cake, then Café Coco Tang could be right up your street. Now that I’m coming home, I’ll have even more time to work through the cocktail menu, because the drinks all sound pretty amazing!

Café Coco Tang: 45 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2GN

Elle Pollicott

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