Bar review: Curious Manor

Curious Manor

Curious Manor was one of the first cocktail bars that I visited when I moved back to Nottingham.

When I lived in Manchester for University, and then Leeds for work, when I came back to Nottingham I would avoid going out at all costs. Nottingham nightlife basically consisted of tacky bars next to tacky clubs, next to more tacky bars.


Fortunately, Nottingham seriously upped its game by the time I moved back in March 2016, with the arrival of some new cocktail bars.

One of the first that I visited happened to be Curious Manor. Owned by Curious Venues, who have several bars in Nottingham including Lost Property Lost Caves and Curious Tavern; this bar can be found by the Corner House. Admittedly, it’s in a bit of an odd place, because I feel like the people who would get drinks at the nearby Slug & Lettuce are not the same people who would get drinks at Curious Manor (i.e. I would not drink at Slug & Lettuce… it’s a lifestyle choice), but whatever.

Curious Manor table

Curious Manor offers everything from afternoon tea to dinner and cocktails. Their cake is seriously good (I spent a fun afternoon with a friend sampling lots of different cakes), and I’ve also spent several hours sipping on cocktails here.

Hendricks Bramble

I’ve tried a fair few cocktails off the menu, but my absolute favourite is the Hendricks Bramble. Gin and lemon mixed with crème de mure that comes in a tiny little bottle labelled with cute little tags like ‘love potion’ and ‘vampire blood’.

Pink penguin

The décor is really cute at Curious Manor, with a pink plastic penguin here, and a dog with a monocle there… and they have a photo booth (although it’s always been broken when I’ve been).


Whilst Curious Manor is out of the way from my other favourite bars in Hockley, I really love coming here for a drink. Because of its location, when I do visit Curious Manor, I often stay for most of the night – drinking several Hendricks Brambles (and Brockviations), of course!

Curious Manor: Trinity Square, Trinity Row, Nottingham, NG1 4AF

Elle Pollicott

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