Bar review: Curious Tavern

Curious Tavern

Curious Manor? Check. Lost Property? Check. The Lost Caves? Check. Curious Tavern? Well, it actually took me a little longer than usual to visit this bar.

Located in the oldest hotel in Nottingham and taking over a section of the caves in Hockley, Nottingham; Curious Tavern originally opened in November 2016.

Primarily offering a selection of beer and oysters, they also have a bar stocked full of any kind of alcoholic drinks imaginable.

Curious Tavern drinks

Considering I hadn’t been for a good six months since it opened, I ended up visiting Curious Tavern twice in two days: the first time on a Thursday evening after work, and then again on a Friday night, celebrating my birthday.

Both times I visited, the atmosphere was cosy and inviting. It lacks any kind of pretentiousness, and is somewhere you can relax with a drink and just sink into the comfy seats. On the Thursday I visited, they had live music too.

Tiles and taxidermy

The décor is pretty cool – think tiled walls, taxidermy and ambient lighting. However, that’s to be expected considering all of the other cool bars Curious Venues have opened in Nottingham over the years.

Night out at Curious Tavern

My verdict? I would definitely go back – it’s a great place to visit, especially after work. Whilst I’d probably head over to Curious Manor or Lost Property if it was cocktails I was specifically after; Curious Tavern is a great place to spend time catching up with friends, and I’m sure I’ll be back again soon – especially seeing as their mac’n’cheese is so good.

Curious Tavern: 2A George Street, Nottingham, NG1 3BE

Elle Pollicott

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