Bar Review: Gincident, Nottingham

Drinks at Gincident

It was a Tuesday evening when I visited Gincident, Nottingham’s first dedicated gin bar. Despite it being the worst day of the week (because seriously, when does anything good ever happen on a Tuesday?), Gincident was nicely packed.

Tucked off the market square, the bar isn’t big by any means, but it has a fair few tables and a friendly atmosphere that’s just made for gin cocktails and catch ups.

Empty bottles of gin line the room, giving you a sneak preview of what’s in their ginventory, which has over 100 gins. Seriously, you’ll need to factor in plenty of time just to read through the menu, as you try to figure out what you’re going to have first.

I don’t like tonic, so the menu was significantly reduced for me. This was definitely a good thing, because God knows how long I’d spend looking through it otherwise!

I chose Edgerton’s Blue Spice gin, with notes of lavender, citrus and pepper. Rose lemonade replaced the tonic, making it very light and probably a little too drinkable. Plus, the glass was pretty cute too.

Other gins also tried that evening included Lola & Vera, served with a strawberry garnish; and Broker’s London Dry gin, featuring juniper and citrus flavours.

I can imagine Gincident will get very packed at the weekends, and it’s a great addition to the Nottingham bar scene. I’m looking forward to going back again very soon.

Gincident: 46 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ

Elle Pollicott

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