Bar Review: Hugo’s, Sherwood

Cosmpolitan Hugo's

News flash: there’s a bar that’s opened up right near where I live in Sherwood, Nottingham. OK, maybe not so much brand new now, but it opened in November 2018, when I moved into my new flat.

Before Christmas, my parents and I decided to meet here for a drink after I’d finished my ballet class. Literally a five minute walk door-to-door, it’s extremely convenient if I fancy going for a cocktail, but don’t want to head all the way into town.

When we arrived at Hugo’s at around 9pm on a Thursday in December, the place was very busy… although it soon emptied out.

As I surveyed the menu, I was excited to see that they made Alabama Slammers – one of my favourite classic cocktails (and only partially because of the name), you don’t really see them on many menus. I think the last time I had an Alabama Slammer was when I was in Miami, and it wasn’t particularly well made.

Hugo's Sherwood

Hugo’s Alabama Slammer was definitely better than the one I had in Miami. Hugo’s version had Bombay Sapphire gin, Disaronno, Southern Comfort and orange juice. My mum chose The Hugo: Bombay Sapphire, prosecco, lime juice, mint, elderflower and soda water. The second time round, we went for classic Cosmos, which were very tasty.

Looking back at the cocktail menu online, I think they may have added a few more cocktails to their collection, and there are a lot of good sounding ones – for instance, the Glamour Gal (although they could have come up with a better name!), which is Zubrowka, blackcurrant liqueur, lime juice, lemon juice and simple syrup.

The atmosphere was good when we entered Hugo’s Sherwood, but it was a bit awkward when it emptied out and we were the only ones there (although the staff were very friendly).

Decor at Hugo's Sherwood

The décor… I wasn’t so sure about. I appreciate the quirky vibe they were trying to get across with the neon lights in the front of the window, and the bike hanging on the wall, but it felt more like a coffee shop than a bar, considering the tables and chairs. I feel like Hugo’s could have made more of the space – turned it into a prohibition style bar with dim lighting and sumptuous chairs. But they’re just the kind of bars I like.

It’s great having another addition to the bars in Sherwood – I’m not going to complain if I can walk to it in less than five minutes. I’d like to head back to Hugo’s soon to try some more of the cocktails – I’m just hoping that this time round, it’s a little bit busier.

Hugo’s: 611 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2FW

Elle Pollicott

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