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I have a confession to make: back when I was living in Leeds (I moved there in September 2014 for my first job as a fresh-faced Uni graduate); I didn’t rate the nightlife that much. I think I was probably spoilt for choice with the variety in Manchester, but the student clubs and bars on Call Lane just didn’t appeal to me.

I didn’t actually discover Greek Street until about a month before I left Leeds (back to Manchester); and at that stage, it was being done up with the arrival of several new bars – one of them being The Lost & Found Leeds.

One of my favourite bars has to be The Lost & Found Leeds. I visited for the first time on a night out in October 2016. The cocktail menu had so much choice, and was split into two sections: Lost and Found. Alongside that is a long list of classic cocktails, and a taste map at the back. Basically, if you can’t decide what to have, you can find a cocktail to suit your style: pick between sweet v dry and strong v light.

Clover Club

Now, I’m not usually one for classic cocktails, but I’m a sucker for a good Clover Club – and I have to say, the Clover Club at The Lost & Found Leeds is exceptional. Mix gin with Cointreau, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and an egg white to make it light and frothy. Raspberry garnish optional.

My next cocktail was a Kurrant Affair as the blackcurrant jam intrigued me. That was nice too, but it wasn’t a patch on the Clover Club!

A month later my friend and I went back to The Lost & Found to celebrate her birthday. I didn’t realise how big the place was as we were taken round to the back where there were several tables assembled round a large staircase. The fairy lights hung up on walls made the place feel very cosy.

I opted for the wild mushroom linguine as a main, followed by sticky toffee pudding for dessert (dinner is never complete without cake). The food was lovely, and of course to finish, I had another Clover Club!

Ms Hettie G Watson

However, I’ve since discovered a new cocktail on their menu that almost compares to the Clover Club: Ms Hettie G. Watson. Gin, Briottet liqueur, egg white, rose water, lavender syrup, lemon juice and sugar syrup – it’s all of my favourite things, and I need to have it next time I’m at The Lost & Found.

I do wish that The Lost & Found had been open back when I still lived in Leeds (Greek Street now has several great bars including The Liquorist, Alchemist, and The Decanter not too far away). However, it’s the one place I know my friend and I will always end up in… whether I branch out and have something other than a Clover Club is yet to be seen – maybe I’ll put their Aviation to the test next time…

The Lost & Found, 12 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5PT

Elle Pollicott

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