Bar Review: The Lost Caves, Nottingham

The Lost Caves Nottingham

Newsflash: there’s a secret bar, within a secret bar in Nottingham.

So, you know how I mentioned Lost Property, opposite Hockley Arts Club? Well, last year they opened up another bar underneath it, called The Lost Caves.

Why? Well, Nottingham is a city based on caves – apparently, they were used as housing way up until the 1800s. Most of it is closed off now, but wherever you are in the city centre, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re standing directly above some caves.

Finding The Lost Caves

Cocktail searching

Anyway, back to The Lost Caves. You can’t just find it by yourself – because let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to find. Once you’ve gone downstairs, you open another door, and walk down a corridor until you come to a steep set of stairs. At the bottom, you’ll find the bar.

It’s pretty intimate, and a cute place to chill. The benches are covered in cushions and throws (because to be honest, when you’re that far underground, you know it’s gonna be cold!).

Rhubarb and Ginger gin

The Lost Caves specialises in gin, and I chose the Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger gin, garnished with raspberry and lime, and served with ginger ale. It was pretty nice!

It’s only open on Friday and Saturday, so make sure you plan ahead if you want to visit. It’s not somewhere I’d visit every night out in Nottingham, but you should make sure to go to The Lost Caves at least once, even if it’s just for the atmosphere. I’m pretty certain you won’t find a bar like it elsewhere.

Just drinking gin

In my happy place

The Lost Caves is owned by Curious Venues, who, in addition to Lost Property, run Curious Manor and Curious Tavern; all of which are strong contenders for one of the best bars in Nottingham. Next time you’re out for drinks, I’d definitely say it’s worth giving a go… if you can find it!

The Lost Caves: 2a George Street, Nottingham, NG1 3BE

Elle Pollicott

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