Best Bars in Copenhagen

There are fewer things in life I enjoy more than sipping on a good cocktail. During my 23 years of life, I like to think that I’ve become a bit of a cocktail connoisseur, and am always in search of something different in terms of flavours and presentation. Basically, I like to find something that’s not your typical classic cocktail (although I firmly believe there is nothing as nice as a simple Polish Martini!)

The Danish capital is home to some of the coolest bars I know (and I’m not being biased), and there are a few places that have me coming back time and time again. These are the best bars in Copenhagen!

Cocktails at 1105


Where? Kristen Bernikows Gade 4, DK-1105 Copenhagen K

Tucked away in a courtyard just off Strøget, there’s something quite comforting and cosy (I’m reluctant to say ‘hygge’ as it’s a term that’s now done to death by UK-based Scandi fans!) as you walk through the doors of 1105.

The lights are dimmed and the music plays softly – a nice bit of background noise, but it ensures you can have a conversation with the people you’re visiting with, without having to shout to be heard.

The booths are comfy for sitting in, but it’s equally fun sitting by the bar to watch the bartenders work their magic!

The cocktail menu is vast, and I know that I should try a few, but every time I visit, I go straight for the ‘No. 4’. Gin, lime juice, honey, cardamom seeds and a sprinkling of ground black pepper – it’s one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.

Cocktails cost around 120 DKK (approx. £14). Some may say this is expensive, but you need to remember that this is a specialist bar located right in the heart of a capital city! If like me, you like your cocktails with a difference, made by highly experienced bartenders then 1105 is definitely worth a visit – it’s definitely one of the best bars in Copenhagen!

Cocktails at Lidkoeb


 Where? Vesterbrogade 72B, 1620 København V, Denmark

Despite its location on the main street connecting Copenhagen train station to the achingly cool Vesterbro district, this isn’t a bar you just stumble upon. When you see the sign for 72B, walk through into the backyard and this is where you’ll find Lidkoeb.

Lidkoeb is the kind of bar where you may intend to stop just for one drink, but end up spending the whole night there. In the winter you can snuggle up with one of the expertly strewn sheepskin rugs, or grab a seat by the roaring fire.

In the summer I’m pretty sure that they open up their terrace as an outdoor bar, but I haven’t been when the weather is warm enough – an excuse to go back, perhaps?!

My favourite cocktail (to drink, as well as pronounce!) is the ‘Mælkeskæg’, made with sea buckthorn syrup, condensed milk, cachaça, and dill Aquavit (how very Scandi!)

I’m getting cocktail withdrawal symptoms just looking through the menu, with so many that I have to try – Blomme Gimlet and Tyve Tyve in particular sound amazing. That’s it, I’m off to book my flights back out to give these drinks a go!

Tjolahej Tjolahoppsan-sa


 Where? Ved Stranden 20, 1061 København K, Denmark

Another unpretentious bar where you visit, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to get a good quality cocktail. Its location means that it’s a great place to stop by after a hard day of shopping,and in my opinion, I think it’s one of the best bars in Copenhagen!

I’ve sampled quite a lot of the cocktail menu and whilst they may sound strange on paper, they really do work (BollyJollyWood – I’m looking at you!). The Phi Phi martini tastes like summer in a glass, but my personal favourite is the ‘Tjolahej Tjolahoppsan-sa’ (despite the bemused expression I got the first time I tried to pronounce it!). Herno gin mixed with flag punch (a traditional Swedish liquor I’m informed), lime, lingonberry and thyme, complete with a picture of Pippi Longstocking.

The cocktails here are really reasonably priced at around 100DKK (£11.50), so you can easily work your way through the menu!

Whilst I believe these are the best bars in Copenhagen for cocktails, I’m always open to new places! Is there anywhere you think I should check out? Let me know and I’ll be sure to visit next time I’m back in my favourite city in the world!

Elle Pollicott


  1. Tjolahej Tjolahoppsan sounds like something i would go for without badly twisting the name,of course:-) denmark is expensive but the cocktail prices are surprisingly only a bit more than san francisco. thanks to living in this uber expensive city, nothing comes across as a sticker shock anymore. You should visit San francisco sometimes, lots of artisanal cocktails here

  2. I love cocktails and these all sound like great spots! I have been wanting to go to Copenhagen, so I will have to save this for when I finally get over there!

  3. I’ve suddenly come Over all thirsty! I just eish i had seen this post before i went to copenhagen last year, but its definitely an exCuse to go back and try all the cocktails! Yummy!

  4. Ive never been in copenhagen before so I dont have any RECOMMENDATION for you but thank you for sharing it here for us. I love great bars with great COCKTAILS so it will be very useful for me when Ill visit denmark! Mælkeskæg seems so delicious but I would have no idea how to order it! 😀

  5. OK, literally wish I saw this post a week ago, I was just in Copenhagen and I love a good cocktail bar. Will have to check them out next time.

  6. I couldn’t have read this post at a better time as I’m off to Copenhagen for the very first time tomorrow! I will make sure i check out some of these bars! Thank you!

  7. I think Copenhagen is one OF the few european capitals I haven’t visited yet – I really must remedy that! Thanks for these awesome tips, it’s always great to have personal RECOMMENDATIONS for bars and restaurants in a city.

  8. Hmm I’m not sure about these… some of the ingredients and prices are a little too wild for me! :p

  9. I haven’t made it to Denmark yet, but knowing they have great mixology bars might just get me there faster. Great post.

  10. 1105 sounds like an amazing place for coctails! It’s definitely Not in my usual budget range but if i end up to COPENHagen might STOp by there. Thanks for tips!

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