The Black and Red Stripy Trousers

Black and red stripy trousers

It’s been a good year now since I purchased my first pair of trousers… and now I’m like, why did I never think to wear them before?

Actually, they’ve become quite a staple of my wardrobe, as they go so well with trainers and a crop top in the summer, and turtlenecks in the winter.

Stradivarius trousers

My most recent trouser purchase is this pair from Stradivarius (I got them off ASOS). They were crazily cheap, like £15 or something, so there was no way I wasn’t going to get them!

This particular pair of trousers are more casual than the other pairs I’ve bought in the past, with the fabric stretchy, they’re just so comfortable to wear. The red and white stripe adds a bit of a colour pop to what would otherwise be a plain pair of trousers.

Lace back ASOS top

The top I’m wearing, I actually bought at the same time I got the trousers, but it’s ASOS Boutique. I love it so much, it’s the perfect combination of classy and sexy (and I loooooove the lace back. Anything with a dramatic back, I’m all over it).

I also have a cream lace crop top that I purchased from Topshop years ago (I think I may even have been at college, that’s how long ago it was!). Anyways, the only thing it went with in my wardrobe was a baby blue leather skirt I’d bought in Russia, so I was extremely happy when I realised it went perfectly with my black and red stripy trousers! I’m easily pleased, I know.

Stripy trousers and ASOS top


Yet another great purchase, even if I do say so myself. I’m so glad I’m just so good at shopping :).

Top: ASOS Boutique

Trousers: Stradivarius

Trainers: H&M

Elle Pollicott

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