The Black and White Striped Jumpsuit

Black and white jumpsuit

Every single one of my fashion posts seem to start off like this, but it’s the same story: I never really thought I’d suit a jumpsuit.

I’m so used to wearing short skirts, dresses and shorts, anything that was remotely close to the knee (and… below…) just didn’t seem right. Or look right. Not on me, anyway.

But then I got into wearing trousers, which (not being dramatic), kind of changed my life (OK, maybe a little bit dramatic). And then fast forward to me standing at H&M in Aker Brygge after a long train ride from Gothenburg, and kind of liking the look of this jumpsuit from a distance.

Happy drinking cocktails

Eventually, I decided to try it on, and once I had, I knew I had to have it.

Considering this is from H&M, the fabric is really good quality, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like it would be from H&M at all.

My first outing in this black and white striped jumpsuit was for drinks at Torggata Botaniske, paired with my lilac feather jacket. Pre-cocktails, we’d climbed to the top of the opera house and managed to get the below photo just before it threw it down with torrential rain (look how grey that sky is!).

Oslo opera house

This jumpsuit also goes well with my black faux fur coat and bum bag, and always with white trainers (although not my Filas, I think they look just a little too clunky).

Most recently, my jumpsuit came with me on a day trip to Copenhagen, where it was extremely hot. We went for a walk on the beach, before heading into the shops and spending the evening in Tivoli.

Since I’ve had this jumpsuit, it’s been one of my favourite pieces for the summer, but I have to limit the number of times I wear it, because it’s such a stand-out piece, I feel like everyone will instantly recognise it.

Black jumpsuit Manchester

I’m still faithful to shorter styles, and would always opt for short skirts or dresses over long ones. However, I do feel like this is kind of a fashion turning point for me. Not long ago I tried on a beautiful mid-length sundress in & Other Stories which I really wanted, but had to justify that the warm weather really isn’t going to last much longer, so it would basically be stuck in my wardrobe for the next 11 months. Still, it was kind of sad walking away from it.

But honestly, I’m really glad I invested in this black and white jumpsuit – and imagine if I hadn’t even tried it on in the first place? This post would never have happened.

Jumpsuit in Copenhagen

Jumpsuit: H&M

Trainers: H&M

Bag: Fjallraven

Jacket: mbyM

Elle Pollicott

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