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USA flag t-shirt

Whenever I go down to London, there’s always one thing that I just have to do. It’s not anything outrageously touristy, but I have to go and visit a few of my favourite shops that we don’t have anywhere else in the UK. Luckily, they’re all concentrated around the Carnaby Street area: I start off at Cheap Monday, then go next door to Monki, and finally turn left to Brandy Melville.

Brandy Melville is a store I first unknowingly visited when I was in Oslo in 2014. My friend and I were shopping around Majorstuen and went into a store that was basically being refurbished outside, so we had no idea what it was called. They sold the cutest little knitted crop tops and slogan sweaters, but because I’d just spent most of my money in Monki (story of my life), I didn’t buy anything.

I loved the clothes so much, that several times I Google-mapped the area trying to figure out which shop it was, but nothing was showing up.

Then, back in July 2015 on a trip to London, I just so happened to pass Brandy Melville on the way back to the tube, and the clothes all looked so familiar… so when I Googled the brand name funnily enough they had a shop in Majorstuen, Oslo!

So why am I telling you this? Because when I recently visited London, I went into Brandy Melville and just had to buy some clothes for America!

Brandy Melville USA sweater

I saw this sweater and couldn’t not buy it – I figured it would be perfect for wearing on the plane (because it always seems to be freezing on-board); plus if I happen to get lost in the airport, at least people will know where I’m going (I’m joking).

USA flag top

This top, I bought for the same reasons, and figured it would go nicely with my denim shorts, which I’ll wear when I’m feeding alligators in New Orleans (I can tell you for a fact that this is happening).

Brandy Melville sweater

I also bought a sweater from Brandy Melville a couple of years ago: made of the softest fabric, it’s really simple except for the rainbow detailing around the neck of the sweater.

Brandy Melville is an American brand founded in California, with stores in several states. I’m currently in America whilst you’re reading this, and I noticed they had a store in Boston, so I’ll definitely be checking it out when I’m there!

USA sweater outfit

I really like Brandy Melville’s knitted crop tops, but haven’t bought any before simply because of the rubbish weather in the UK (with the exception of maybe one week a year, I’m freezing all the time!). I’m going to end up buying something though… just got to wait and see how much money I have left!

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