The Cream Shirt-Coat

Urban Outfitters shirt coat

One night after work I innocently walked into Urban Outfitters whilst killing some time, waiting for a friend. Absent-mindedly, I picked up a few items of clothing to try on, with absolutely no intention of buying them. Except what did I do? Ummm, yeah, I may have bought them.

So, I did consider returning them the day after, but the truth is, when I got home I cut the labels off immediately. Why? Well, for the last couple of months I haven’t actually bought that many clothes. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just want to find something a little different, that’s worth spending my money on. And I hadn’t found anything until I walked into Urban Outfitters on that particular Monday evening.

Close up of shirt coat

One of the items in question is this cute little cream shirt-coat hybrid (not quite sure what it’s trying to be, but all I know, is I like it!). I’ve bought a few things from Urban Outfitters’ new label – iets frans – it’s like a dressed-up version of sportswear.

I’ve worn this shirt-coat hybrid a few times already, and it goes great over a vest when the weather’s slightly cool. However, when it gets to winter time, I’ll just wear it as a shirt for extra layers under a winter coat (I’m SO excited to wear all my winter coats again!).

Vinyl skirt and Vagabonds

This particular day, I wore it with my vinyl skirt from & Other Stories, and my trusty lace-up Vagabonds. My & Other Stories skirt was a staple in Autumn 2017, but then it kind of lost out to the black denim skirt I bought from Weekday in April. However, that skirt’s a little bit too short (alleged flashing has in fact, been confirmed), so I’m wearing my vinyl skirt more and more now.

And those boots? They’ve been worn in multiple cities across Europe, they just seem to go with everything.

Cream shirt coat

Summer way be well over, but all I know is that I MUCH prefer winter clothes!

Cream shirt-coat: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: & Other Stories

Boots: Vagabond

Choker: Accessorize

Elle Pollicott

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