Cropped Fila Top & Pink Cord Skirt

Fila crop top and pink cord skirt

These two items were bought the same time I got my cream shirt-coat hybrid. I didn’t have any intention of buying them, except the credit card came out and it happened (also, I really like both of these items of clothing, so it wasn’t like buying for the sake of it).

These were found at a time where I was like “If I’m going to spend my money, it needs to be on something different.”

I’ve been really into crop tops for a couple of years now, but I like the detail on this one – the fact that it shapes up to where the ribbon is, which makes it really flattering. And the long sleeves are ideal for transitional dressing. In fact, not only does this cropped Fila top look good with my cord skirt, but I really like wearing it with my grey checked trousers too.

Pink cord skirt and top

When it comes to skirts, I believe you can never have too many. Buy a couple of black turtlenecks and you can pair them with hundreds of skirts. And I am rather partial to a turtleneck (I do kind of live in one in the winter).

This pink cord skirt is no exception. The colour’s ideal because it’s dusky and dark enough to be worn with dark tights in the winter (and for many shades of pink, wearing black tights isn’t an option). I wore my cord skirt through summer too – mainly with the Fila cropped top, admittedly.

Considering I didn’t have any intention of buying these clothes, I’m pretty glad I chose to walk into Urban Outfitters that evening, decided to try them on, and then reach for my credit card. Oh, and I’m also glad I cut the tags out before I had the chance to return them.

Fila cropped top

I’m kind of on a self-imposed shopping ban at the minute as I build up my savings (my trip to Canada and America back in September used up almost everything I’d saved in the last two and a half years). So, whilst I can’t buy any clothes, I’m glad that at least I’ve moved into my own apartment. So, it’s a good job I went on a bit of a shopping spree a few months ago, so I still have lots of clothes to show you!

Top: Fila

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Trainers: H&M

Earrings: & Other Stories

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