My Favourite Winter Coats

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Winter is my favourite time of the year for fashion. Anyone looks good in summer if they put on a pretty summer dress, whereas you have to think more about what to wear in winter in order to look stylish.

Two of my favourite things to buy are boots and coats. Turns out, I have a lot of coats hanging up in my bedroom. I love all of them, but not equally. These are my favourite coats that I’ll be wearing all of autumn and winter…

Tito's Mausoleum

Puffa Jacket, Stradivarius

So Slavic chic. When puffa jackets are done wrong, they are so wrong. But when they’re done right… I have to say, it goes against a lot of fashion rules, but I’m kind of crazy over the puffa jacket.

OK, I’m crazy over a specific kind of puffa jacket: short, black jacket, with thin puffs (defs not chunky ones!).

I bought my puffa jacket from Stradivarius when I was in Budapest. It was a serious mission: Operation Puffa Jacket entailed my friend and I travelling across the city to purchase said jacket (cue me realising that I’d left my credit card back at our flat). The morning after we headed back to Stradivarius (after triple-checking I had my credit card on me), so I could purchase the jacket in thirty degree heat.

It was one very successful operation, and my puffa jacket is currently one of my most-worn jackets.

Shopping in Copenhagen

Green Bomber Jacket, Weekday

This was bought on a shopping trip to Copenhagen (as most of my favourite items are), before bomber jackets got big.

It injects a bit of colour into my mostly black wardrobe, and it looks good with everything. Jeans and trainers? Yep. Low-back velvet dress? Also, weirdly it goes with that too.

This jacket was the start of my mild obsession with bomber jackets – they’re just so versatile. Will I ever get sick of them? Probably not. Trust Weekday to always get it right.

Feather jacket

Lilac Feather Jacket, Message

This beautiful jacket was actually another investment from a shopping trip to Copenhagen. In fact, the whole purpose of the trip was to buy a feather jacket, although not this one.

Basically, I’d seen a really nice bottle green feather jacket at Norr on a previous trip to Copenhagen, but it was quite expensive so I didn’t get it at the time. I then booked a trip back specifically to get it, but when I tried it on, I didn’t like it.

Dejected, I gave up on my feather jacket hopes, only to spy this one in the window of Message. I tried it on, and I loved it… so I had to buy it!

Admittedly, it doesn’t get worn as often as it should, but it’s the perfect statement jacket to wear with an all-black outfit.

cocoon coat

Black Cocoon Coat, & Other Stories

Now this particular coat was purchased on a day where I wasn’t supposed to be spending. I’d headed up to Manchester for a day of (window) shopping, and was delighted to find that & Other Stories had opened up a store there.

Amongst other items of clothing, I also purchased this coat. It’s incredibly warm, and because it’s so oversized, it means I can wear lots of layers under it without looking porky. Bonus.

This was my go-to coat back in winter last year, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same this year too. Several sweaters and a wool skirt underneath, finished off with thermal tights, ankle boots and a chunky scarf. That’s Scandi-girl street style right there. Such a worthwhile investment piece.

Fur coat

Fur Jacket, New Look

New Look?! Shocking, I know. I stopped shopping in New Look when I was around thirteen, but one Christmas I was trawling through lots of online websites trying to find a black (faux) fur jacket. Losing all hope, I went onto New Look, and came across this coat!

This jacket keeps me really cosy, and I’ve worn it many times when I’ve travelled over to Copenhagen. It dresses up jeans and a jumper, and I’ll often put a chunky scarf with it for extra warmth.

I think a (faux) fur coat is a classic piece of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobe although admittedly, it can be really hard finding the right one.

Every year when I buy several coats, I tell myself it’s OK because it means that I won’t need to buy any more coats the year after. But who am I kidding?! Of course I’ll be buying more coats… because if I see something I really like, I’ll convince myself that it’s perfectly fine to buy a fifth almost-exact black coat because the stitching is slightly different, or the length is slightly shorter.

I mean, in the last couple of months alone I bought my sheep-chic coat, silver puffa and a beautiful ice blue faux fur coat (which I’m sure you’ll see lots of on Instagram!).

But it’s OK, because I’ve accepted my coat addiction.

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