The Feather Jacket

Feather jacket

Statement jackets are the best. Wear head to toe black, and shrug on an eye-catching jacket and you’ve instantly upped your outfit game.

I like keeping my outfits simple (I’m all about the black); but I have been known on occasion to wear something that completely goes against all of my style rules.

In this case, it’s my lilac feather jacket. I bought it on a shopping trip in Copenhagen back in September 2016, from mbyM. Funny really, considering Copenhageners are a sea of black clothes. In fact, my main reason for going to Copenhagen in September was to buy a feather jacket. I’d initially seen a maroon one in Norr but when I tried it on, it was just a bit too big for my liking.

By chance, I’d then stopped by Message on Strøget and came across this beauty. It cost £160, and was worth every penny.

On my most recent trip to Copenhagen in March 2017, I decide to break my (and most of Denmark’s) style rules, by making the conscious decision to wear some colour!

Back in Copenhagen

Dressed down in a sheer black top, black jeans and New Balance; the feather jacket really finished off my outfit.

The feathers are so silky smooth (it feels like I’m stroking my cat!), but I’m not going to lie: the jacket doesn’t keep me warm. It was just as well that the sun was shining in the day – although at night, it was freezing!

Me and mum

My mum and I were only in Copenhagen for the weekend, and spent most of the Saturday shopping; before going for a wander round Nyhavn, and crossing the bridge over to Papirøen.

The evening consisted of several cocktails, as we whiled away the hours at Lidkoeb and 1105, sipping Mælkeskægs and No. 4s – well, they are my favourite bars in Copenhagen!

On Sunday, we walked around Vesterbro whilst I mentally picked out my apartment for when I move over to the Danish capital. Such fun!

My feather jacket made me stand out in a sea of Scandis, but I really enjoyed wearing it. Prior to this trip, I’d only ever worn the jacket on nights out dressed up in a black dress and heels; but I prefer the contrast of it against jeans and trainers. It’s going to be a firm staple in my wardrobe for months to come!

Sitting by the river

Coincidentally once I’d gotten back home that night, I had the best dream. I met MØ whilst I was in Copenhagen (fan girl moment!), and she came up to say that she loved my jacket, before asking me to be her stylist (Dream. Come. True).

I was pretty upset when I realised it was just a dream; but I still firmly believe that she’d like my jacket!

Jacket: mbyM


Jeans: Dr Denim

Trainers: New Balance

Bag: Accessorize

Sunglasses: H&M

Ring: Topshop

Earrings: & Other Stories

Elle Pollicott

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