What I Wore in Berlin: Basically, All Black

Berlin street style

You know what’s really annoying when you plan your outfits for your trip away? The weather changes all of a sudden. The week before I left for Berlin, it was showing beautiful sunshine and 28 degrees every day, so I planned all of my best summer outfits.

Then it changed to ten degrees cooler, so I had to mentally repack my case as I decided what to pack. And then, when I got there… well, it was even colder than what I thought it was going to be – not to mention it was rainy and windy too. Not ideal.

That meant that I couldn’t wear a lot of stuff in my case (cry). In fact, my outfits mainly reverted around all black – and my denim skirt was a real saviour.

Outfit number one

Outfit One

I wore this denim skirt literally two of the three days I was there, and I wore it to Berghain too. I bought this skirt on one of my more recent visits to Copenhagen – I love the asymmetrical hem, and the jaunty zip. The only downside is it’s a bit on the short side, and has a tendency to roll up at the back when I’ve worn it for a while… not 100% sure, but fairly certain I’ve been flashing people whilst wearing this.

The first day, I wore it with a black and white top from Monki, and my leather jacket from Zara. Up until recently, I hadn’t worn my leather jacket in years, favouring my bomber jackets instead – but this spring, it’s made a comeback.

The one splash of colour on my day one outfit was my lilac Fjällräven bag. Mostly I brought it because it’s really good for taking on the plane. Oh, and of course my lace up Vagabonds that basically go everywhere with me. I felt like this was a definite Berlin outfit – like, I could have been a Berliner in this outfit.

That evening, I didn’t bother changing my outfit to go out, except I switched the Fjällräven bag for a bum bag, and the boots for trainers. Berlin is such a chilled out, laidback city, you would look out of place wearing heels.

Admiring the Reichstag

Outfit Two

OK, so day two and I promise that I’m wearing a different outfit… it’s just that the skirt made a comeback, and I paired it with one of the best purchases of my life: a black and white striped jumper from & Other Stories (also from a Copenhagen shopping trip). I favoured trainers over boots considering how far we would be walking, and I switched up the leather jacket for my green bomber jacket… but unfortunately, with the weather how it was, I didn’t really have many other options for what to wear!

Schwarze Traube

Outfit Three

Our proper night out was on the Saturday night, so I dressed up a little bit more, whilst sticking to the all-black theme. This black playsuit is still a favourite in my wardrobe: from Urban Outfitters, you may recognise it in a previous post when I visited New Orleans.

Anyways, the thin tights and boots were back (as was the leather jacket and bum bag!) as we headed over to Schwarze Traube and Tausend for drinks. At least I look like I’m legitimately wearing a different outfit here…

Here’s an outfit from the first day again! Because why not…

Outfit Four

I decided not to opt for the denim skirt all day again (as much as I love it), and instead, wore my black Vero Moda trousers. Guess what? I bought them when I was in Denmark – except this time, in Aarhus and not Copenhagen. I had a really cute pastel pink crop top that I was going to wear with it, but the weather was just too cold, so I ended up wearing the same jumper I’d worn yesterday.

This day I really wasn’t feeling great, so I literally had no pictures taken… but it was a fairly basic outfit, so I feel like you’re not really missing out on much.

All black outfit

This is what rejection looks like.

Outfit Five

OK, so this was a crucial outfit… this was the outfit I wore on Sunday night for my attempt to get into Berghain. We’d read the rules, and figured that wearing black was a safe option (although maybe a little too safe, as it transpired). So, the Weekday denim skirt came back out with the boots and tights, and I wore a sheer black top from Weekday (also bought in Aarhus). Oh, and the bum bag and leather jacket.

Sad news: we didn’t get into Berghain. I think we played by the rules just a little too much, but then I think to myself if I’d ripped my tights, or not worn the vest under my sheer top, then maybe… just maybe, I would have gotten into Berghain. In fact, I feel like if I’d worn my ice blue faux fur coat, I would have definitely gotten in. So, I need to go back and try again.

When I arrived in Berlin

What I came in… and froze to death!

It was kind of annoying how I’d planned my outfits, and couldn’t wear them because of the cold weather (honestly, there were SO many good pieces in my suitcase), but I promise you I didn’t wear the same outfit every single day, even though it may look that way.

Plus, I feel like I look like a Berliner… and defs a Copenhagener in all of that black (because why wouldn’t you want to dress like a Dane?!).

All in all, I loved Berlin and would definitely go back again – find out more about what we got up to over the long weekend.

Elle Pollicott

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