Japanese Themed Cocktail Drinking: Tattu, Manchester

Tattu Manchester

Tattu opened up just before I left Manchester – it was somewhere I wanted to visit, but never quite made it. One time my friend and I tried to go, after pre-drinking two for one cocktails in The Alchemist. Except when we’d caught the taxi and walked through the door, it was dead… turned out that it had shut at 11pm, and they’d forgotten to lock up. So, that was a bit of a fail.

When my friend Danielle and I went to Manchester recently, the one place I really wanted to go to was Tattu. Luckily, they’ve extended their opening hours since the last time I tried to go, so we weren’t thrown out crazily early. After enjoying dinner at Artisan, we then headed over to Tattu for a few drinks.

Tattu is a Japanese themed bar and restaurant. On the ground floor you’ll find the bar, with the window decorated in roses. The first floor hosts the restaurant, complete with a cherry tree – very atmospheric, and extremely Instagrammable.

At £10 each, the cocktails may be slightly more expensive than other bars in Spinningfields, but to be honest, the drinks are so unique, the prices are definitely justifiable.

Apple blossom and skull candy

The first drink I ordered was an Apple Blossom, which was floral in taste with a mixture of gin, jasmine and apple. My friend opted for a Skull Candy (you can probably guess which drink that was!), consisting of vodka, strawberry and bubblegum.

We really wanted to take some pictures with the rose wall as a backdrop. Except, whilst the bar is Instagrammable, I’ll admit it only really is if you’re lucky enough to get one of the booths, where the roses are. Unfortunately, we were perched on stools at one of the tables in the centre of the room. Not that it really mattered, because we were enjoying our cocktails way too much.

Elixir of Life

Next up, we both wanted to try the Elixir of Life: a combination of gin, elderflower and vanilla. Don’t be fooled by the vivid blue colour, this cocktail was anything but cheap: complete with dry ice and a cute little scroll (the secret to living forever?). I could have had that drink again and again.

My verdict? Tattu was totally worth the wait. Sure, the drinks are slightly on the more expensive side, but if you only tried one, you’d totally realise they’re worth it. I really want to get food there at some point too, if only to sit by the cherry tree! Next time you’re in Manchester, make sure you give Tattu a visit.

Tattu: Gartside Street, 3 Hardman Square, Manchester, M3 3EB

Elle Pollicott

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