MØ Top and Black Denim Shorts

Signature 8 shorts

These pictures are throwing it back to a warm spring day earlier on this year. The perfect spot for an impromptu photoshoot? The rooftop of the carpark opposite where I work – you probably recognise the backdrop from numerous other articles on my blog! But I guess when you find a place that works…

With it just starting to get warm, obviously I wanted to start incorporating a summer(ish) feel into my outfit – but the chill was still there, hence the silver puffa making an appearance.

I’m not really one for band shirts, but anyone who knows me will know just how much I loooove Danish singer MØ. I’d actually ordered this top from an American merchandise website, except it never showed up (apparently it got lost somewhere in Ireland…).

MO top and high ponytail

But then I went to see MØ live a month later (glad she sang Waste of Time… sad she never sang Walk This Way or Maiden), so I had a second opportunity to buy this top. A bit of customisation with a pair of scissors, and it was ready for its debut.

When I was younger (I’m talking college/uni age), I used to live in shorts – specifically a pair of £15 pleather shorts that I’d bought in H&M one year – but in recent years, I’ve kind of stopped wearing them. Blame it on the number of skirts and pairs of trousers I have, I suppose.

Kate Spade bag

However, I bought this pair from a Californian brand called Signature 8, on ASOS. The fact that they’re black means they can be worn with tights on chillier days, and I liked the colour pop of the red stripe on the side.

Paired with my trusty lace-up Vagabonds, Kate Spade bag and a plait, I was defs ready to be hanging round a carpark in my lunchtime. Oh, and the best part? No sooner had I posted these pictures on Instagram, MØ liked them. So, she knows I exist (yeahhhh, I know I’m sad!).

Now that we’re in summer, I can probs venture out in this outfit sans coat and tights… and let my shorts live up to their full potential. I’ll probably keep the side plait though, as an homage to MØ in her early days.


Shorts: Signature 8

Boots: Vagabond

Jacket: H&M

Bag: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: H&M

Elle Pollicott

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