Muted Colours from My Favourite Scandi Brands

Scandi clothes

Despite the dreary weather, enough was enough: it was time for an evening of cocktails, and I was determined to dress how I wanted to dress, despite having to brave the elements.

As I was going out for a meal and a couple of drinks, I wanted to keep my outfit fairly casual, with the shoes dressing it up – all of which were from my favourite Scandi brands.

Going out in a vest top and sandals, I needed my fur coat to balance it out and keep me as cosy as possible in rain and sub-zero temperatures!

Muted colours frontMuted colours side

I usually stick to all black outfits; sometimes with a pop of grey, cream or white (it’s what I like to call the art of dressing Danishly – something you may have picked up on my blog!).I pick up most of my clothes when I’m shopping in Copenhagen, and a lot of my favourite clothes are from Scandinavian brands.

The jeans are Dr Denim – a brand I discovered a couple of years ago when I’d almost given up on searching for jeans that were long enough (at 5 foot 9, my legs are really long and trousers tend to skim above my ankles. Skirts can be an issue too – if I’m not too careful they can be indecently short!).

Luckily for me, I stumbled across the Swedish brand Dr Denim, whose jeans are long enough for me, without being too big at the waist. I’d never dream of going anywhere else for my jeans now!

Grey vest Weekday

My grey silk vest is from Weekday and velvet shoes are from Monki. I love both of these brands and always make sure to buy something from there when I’m in Scandinavia!

Fur coat

My (faux) fur jacket is surprisingly from New Look. It’s not somewhere I’ve shopped since I was about 13; but found during the Boxing Day sales last year for just £25.

It may not have converted my hatred of sales, but I will admit it was a really great find; and it really completes the outfit!

Dutch plaits

I’m obsessed with plaits right now – particularly Dutch plaits, which I’ve yet to master myself (so have to fall back on a braided ponytail if I’m doing my own hair). It is however, one of the benefits of living at home (thanks mum!)

Vest: Weekday

Jeans: Dr Denim

Shoes: Monki

Bag: Next

Jacket: New Look

Bracelet: Norr

Earrings: Topshop



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