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Back in Copenhagen

My two favourite things in life are travel and fashion (wait… I love cocktails too. Maybe that should be three?).

Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything better than combining travelling with shopping! I love shopping in foreign countries for the simple fact that it means I can buy clothes that no one else will have back home.

Of course, some countries are better than others for shopping… I mean, New York aside, I found it pretty difficult to find nice clothes in America. And Germany? Erm… not really my style – at least South Germany anyway, Berlin may persuade me otherwise.

However, I’ve also found some insanely good places to go shopping – and these cities have to be my top five all-time favourite cities for getting my fashion fix!


Copenhagen, Denmark

I didn’t call my blog Dressing Danishly for nothing! I would describe my look as ‘Scandi Girl chic’: more specifically, I would say my style is heavily influenced by Copenhagen street style, i.e. all black.

Nothing makes me happier than shopping on Strøget – visiting the likes of Wood Wood, Norr and Samsøe & Samsøe. Every few months I try to head over to Copenhagen, even if just for the day, so I can stock up on all of my favourite Scandi brands.

Copenhageners have an effortless sense of style about them – their style is laidback and practical, but it’s just so… cool.

Copenhagen is my all-time favourite place for shopping: I love their style and their brands. Want to know more about Danish fashion? Check out my guide on how to dress like a Dane!

Milan city centre

Milan, Italy

Milan is famous for its shopping, and it certainly lived up to its reputation when I visited. It was a no-brainer adding it to my list of favourite cities for shopping!

A word of warning though: if you want to go shopping in Milan, get your credit cards ready. You’re going to spend a LOT. I mean, why would you go to Milan just to buy high street brands?

I was stupid enough to think all I was going to buy in Milan were some ‘& Other Stories’ shoes that I’d seen online; only to fly back home armed with a Miu Miu bag, Moschino sweater and a slightly scary credit card bill.

Whilst it’s nice looking round the flagship stores in San Babila, if you want to buy then save your hard-earned cash for the outlets. I visited Serravalle, and all of the designer stores had huge discounts – the way I see it, buying clothes from Serravalle were like an investment in my future, rather than a waste of money. Totally worth it.

New York

New York, USA

Sooo, I went to New York for my 18th birthday, and I spent months saving up all of my wages from my part time job at the time, so that I could go shopping. It took me two hours on Fifth Avenue to spend all of it.

Fifth Avenue is probably the most iconic shopping street of all time. At one end you have high street brands like Urban Outfitters and Zara, and then by Central Park you can find the high end brands. As a devout Gossip Girl fan, I spent much time in Bergdorf’s wishing I was as rich as Blair Waldorf.

I also liked the look of Soho for shopping (although I didn’t have any money by that point so sadly, couldn’t buy anything). In fact, Topshop had newly opened up there a few weeks before we visited – I saw them selling a pair of USA flag shorts for $80 however, which I then bought back home in the UK for £35.

My only regret was not getting the chance to visit the Alice + Olivia store by Bryant Park – they have some of the prettiest clothes I’ve ever seen.

St Petersburg

Wearing my new Russian skirt, just bought my new Russian shoes

St Petersburg, Russia

Much like shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York, shopping on Nevsky Prospekt was a dream come true for me. If you’ve ever visited St Petersburg, you’ll know how majestic everything looks – and this is true of their stores too. Head into Zara on Nevsky Prospekt for instance, and you’ll be greeted by a rather impressive marble fountain!

A few years ago, I was really into what I called the ‘Slavic Chic style’ (still pretty into it to be honest, although the Scandi Girl look always triumphs). Slavic Chic in my mind includes dark colours, luxurious velvets and intricate embroidery – how I imagine more traditional Russian fashion to look.

It does make me sort of sad when I visit foreign countries to find that all shops in foreign countries sell very similar things, rather than what is unique to the individual country. However, I bought some really different pieces in St Petersburg, including a couple of very pretty skirts (hello baby blue leather!), and some impressively high t-bars.

The best thing ever was spontaneously deciding to go on a shopping trip at 9pm at night, so we caught the metro out to Galeria Shopping Centre and spent the night there spending all the money we had left. So much fun!

Stockholm, Sweden

Scandi street style may be at its best in Copenhagen, but Stockholm isn’t far behind. Some of my favourite fashion brands are Swedish: Monki, Weekday and Cheap Monday (all owned by H&M), Dr Denim, Vagabond, Ann Sofie Back…

I wish I could plan a trip back to Stockholm specifically for when Ann Sofie Back holds a sample sale – I LOVE her designs. I’m desperate for one of her crop tops with ‘Back’ emblazoned straps.

The main shopping street in Stockholm is Drottninggatan, where you’ll find all of the standard international fashion brands; but you can always head on over to Söder for more unique finds. I want to go back to Sweden now!

I LOVE shopping so much, but I feel like no city will ever compare to Copenhagen – it really is the best. Is there anywhere else you think I should check out for a shopping trip? I’d love to know – I’d hate to miss out on somewhere amazing!

Elle Pollicott

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