Night out in Liverpool

Elle in Liverpool

I recently spent a weekend in Liverpool – the first time I’d ever gone out in the city. I’d been shopping there years ago quite a few times; but I’d not really thought of Liverpool as a place to go out, because I imagined that it would be pretty tacky.

Luckily, it was much better than what I thought! My friend and I stayed at The Podworks Hotel on Henry Street: great location for all the bars, but the room was tiny.

So where did we go for our night out in Liverpool? We picked some pretty good bars…

Berry and Rye

Berry & Rye

48 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ

This was the furthest bar away from our hotel (a whole seven minutes away, according to Google Maps), so we decided to start off here first, on busy Berry Street.

Berry & Rye was so me: there were no signs on the door; and the front of the building was painted black, with the curtains tightly closed.  You had to knock on the door, and wait for it to be answered.

Berry & Rye is table service only, so if there aren’t any tables free, you have to wait. Luckily for us, we only waited ten minutes until a booth became available.

The menu was so cute, hidden inside a leather-bound book; and there were so many cocktails to choose from. What did I go for? A Clover Club, obvs. Well, I was torn between that and an Aviation… it was a tough decision.

In fact, it was one of the best Clover Club’s I’ve ever had; and it’s actually inspired me to write an article on the top Clover Club’s I’ve drank around the world, so watch this space…

Berry & Rye was my favourite out of the bars we went to, and it’s somewhere I’d definitely go back to – any prohibition-style bars get my vote!

The Merchant

The Merchant

23 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN

We kind of stumbled on this place by chance, and although it looked small from the outside, when we walked in, we were taken aback by how big it was.

The front room was chilled out with big booths and a DJ; then at the back was the bar with a makeshift dancefloor. There was also an outdoor terrace, but the warm weather meant that it was packed, with no spare seats.

I grabbed a vodka and apple juice (it only cost £5!), and we sat in the front room, which was adorned with fairy lights and trailing plants.

They also had a huge gin selection which pleased my friend immensely, and they serve pizza too.

Some Place

Some Place

43 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AZ

One word: ABSINTHE. OK, so I’m kind of an absinthe fan, and I actually found a bar that was dedicated to the stuff!

Locatable only by the green lantern hanging outside, climb up a flight of stairs, and you’re transported into the world of the green fairy (trust me, there’s a lot of green going on here).

The menu is split into three sections: novices, dabblers and professionals. I went for a dabbler with The Green Fairy: absinthe, cacao and lime juice. Sooo strong, sooo absinthe-y. Sooo a good way to end the night.

Are there any other bars you think I should try when I’m next in Liverpool? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Alternatively, check out my favourite bars in Nottingham and London (or if you’re feeling adventurous, Copenhagen!).

Elle Pollicott

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