Nights out in Boston

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Boston nights out were my favourite during our American adventure… we left the best nights out till last, and I’m so glad we did! Move over, Miami.

Because our flight had been delayed by three hours, and the rain was throwing it down; we skipped a night out on the Friday. Instead, we chose to eat cake into the early hours (great idea).

This left the Saturday night as our proper night out, with Sunday an evening for classy cocktails as we said goodbye to Boston, and the end of #Scandigoesstateside.

Kissed by a Rose

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 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Set inside the former Charles Street Jail, the bar nods to its former past with lounges housed in former prison cells.

Admittedly, the clientele inside were a little tacky (there was some twerking going on at one point!), but the outdoor patio was much nicer. The weather was warm when we went in June, and there were lots of people outside.

I had a Kissed by a Rose with Ketel One, raspberry tea and rose water, and it was so good, I got another one.

There was a real mixed crowd here, and it was nice to see that there were actually a lot of people our own age here (you’d think being mid-twenties this wouldn’t be difficult, but surprisingly, it was in America!).

We probably would have stayed here longer if it weren’t for the metro closing so soon, and we wanted to head up to Cambridge.

Brick & Mortar

Brick & Mortar

 567 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

Located on a busy street, Brick & Mortar’s lack of signage meant that was difficult to find, and we walked past it the first time (definitely NOT because we were too preoccupied belting out the hits of Paris Hilton).

Head up the stairs, and you’ll enter a dimly lit bar serving tons of cool cocktails. And not just any kind of cocktails, but absinthe cocktails… need I say more?!

We went for the Mercedes Coupé. I can’t say I remember too much of what went on in this bar (except for the guy who hissed “I wish you a turbulent flight” at us down the end of the bar), but I’m pretty sure I had a lot of fun here. And one of the barmen was very hot. I’d go back for sure.

Top of the Hub

Top of the Hub

Prudential Tower, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199

Located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower, the main reason we went to Top of the Hub were for the views (although the cocktail menu wasn’t too shabby).

The views certainly did not disappoint… Boston looked beautiful from above, especially when it was lit up at night.

I opted for the Boston Bee, which was pretty tasty, and at $16 a cocktail, it wasn’t even like it was that expensive.

Whilst it may lack atmosphere, if you’ve not been to Boston before and want a beautiful view, then there’s no better place you’ll get it than from Top of the Hub.

City Bar

City Bar

 61 Exeter Street, Boston, MA 02116

There are two City Bar’s in the city – Back Bay was closest to us, and there’s another one down by the Waterfront.

It was hard deciding what to have off the cocktail menu, there was so much choice. In the end, I chose a China Rose, with gin, St Germain, rosemary,grapefruit syrup and lemon juice.

We went here straight after Top of the Hub, as it was only a five minute walk away; and still feeling kind of delicate from the night before, we genuinely only wanted quiet drinks, so this place was perfect.

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Boston, and the end of our holiday, but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m back again.

There were lots of other bars we wanted to visit in Boston, but just didn’t get the chance – Drink and Emerald Lounge are just a couple of places, so that’s reason enough to visit again.

The only downside I found to nights out in Boston are that everywhere shuts at 2am… who came up with that idea?!

Still, if you like a combination of classy cocktail bars and hipster havens then like me, Boston is most definitely for you – don’t forget to check out what I did in the days in Boston, and what I wore.


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