One Night Out in Seattle

Bathtub Gin Company

For like a month, I hardly drank anything (because I was in Toronto on my own, I basically had one cocktail and a couple of vodkas, and that was it).

Sooo it was great when I finally got to Seattle, as I could meet my friend and finally get to try some cocktails in North America… and of all the cities I visited, I think I chose the best city to go out in.

Wakefield Seattle


We headed out for dinner to begin with, and with all the sugar we’d consumed that day, we were craving one thing, and one thing only: fried chicken.

So, the fried chicken sandwich and chips (sorry, fries) was definitely welcomed… although we did fill up on more sugar. I mean, it’s rude not to have a cocktail if they’re on the menu, right?

My friend and I both picked the same drink: French Romance, which was a combination of Reyka vodka, St Germain, cardamom bitters, honey and lemon. It was delicious. And also very strong… all drinks in America are so strong, I swear you can get drunk just off half a glass.

Wakefield: 2318 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Bathtub Gin Company

Bathtub Gin & Co

If there’s one thing I love more than cocktail bars, it’s secret cocktail bars. And I’ve been to sooo many good ones over the year, whether it’s been in Manchester, Milan, Aarhus… even Nottingham. So, when my friend told me about this secret speakeasy that had just opened up, of course I had to go!

It wasn’t quite such a secret anymore – hidden down an alley, the queue was a giveaway. However, we were only waiting ten minutes, and it was definitely worth it.

We were welcomed into a cosy, split-level bar with dim lighting and a bar FULL of different types of alcohol. We got seats at the end of the bar, so we could watch the bartender make all of the cocktails.

I chose an Exterminating Angel, which was a concoction of gin, orgeat, lime and cardamom bitters (again!). My friend chose The Flamingo Kid: white rum, gin, lillet rose, banana liqueur, mint, Peychaud bitters and grapefruit. It was definitely my kind of place!

Bathtub Gin & Co: 2205 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Canon Bar Seattle


We took a short taxi ride to Capitol Hill, where we stopped by at Canon for one more drink. It was pretty hipster in there, with exposed brick wills and an industrial vibe to it.

The cocktail list was sooo long, it was hard making a decision, but in the end I chose a Frozen Wizard: butterfly tea gin, chartreuse, banana, lemon and magic. I can confirm it was indeed magical – I mixed the drink and it turned from purple to pink!

My friend opted for the Pooh Bah cocktail (basically, the name swung it), which comprised of rum, gin, Swedish punsch and apricot.

Canon: 928 Twelfth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

All of the drinks we had were amazing, but by the end we were so sugared out once again, we had to try and find somewhere that was still open and sold tea – luckily, we found somewhere!

I was surprised by how much I liked Seattle, and my first night out there didn’t disappoint… I’m looking forward to checking out even more of their bars the next time I’m back.


Elle Pollicott

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