The Pink Platform Shoes

Silver platforms and pink platform shoes

Right now, I love anything that’s ugly pretty. You know, something that’s so ugly (or tacky), it’s kind of cute? Basically like these shoes.

From Zara, I’d originally seen them on sale back before Christmas on their website, but they didn’t have them in my size (sad times). A few months later, I tracked them down on eBay, so obvs had to get them.

The thing I love about these pink platform shoes is they’re so clunky, they really flatter your legs and make you look pretty skinny.


I like wearing them with an all black outfit as they add a colour pop, but they equally look good with dresses too. I recently wore them to work with a white babydoll dress – I fell down the stairs once and managed to roll my ankle approximately four times… but hey, they looked good! And style over function, right?!

These black trousers I’m wearing are so basic, but I’m finding they’re a great alternative to jeans. I bought my first pair back when I was in Aarhus, and then bought another pair in Gothenburg because I was wearing them so much! The top? Well, that’s from Weekday, of course… purchased in Denmark! Maybe you recognise it from this post?

All black with pink platforms

These pink platform shoes are pretty comfy, but I think they’re a little too comfy – I think I got overconfident wearing them and forgot I was about four inches off the ground! For that reason, I’ll only stick to them when I’m sober – I’m too scared of the damage I could cause if drunk me were to wear them! It’s painful just thinking about it.

I’ve also got a plain black dress that I think they would look great with – I just need the weather to pick up so I can wear my platforms more often. Because I definitely do want to wear them more – and maybe with more practice I’ll fall over less often? That’s the dream anyway.

All black and colour pop

The latest item to add to my ugly pretty collection, I feel like my pink platform shoes were definitely a good investment. And I can totally write about them now, because you can’t buy them anymore ;).

Top: Weekday

Trousers: Vero Moda

Platform Shoes: Zara

Elle Pollicott

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