Rooftop Car Park Drinking at Klunkerkranich, Berlin

Klunkerkranich car park bar

We all know how much I love the rooftop of a car park (helloooo cute backdrop for my outfit pics!). So as soon as I heard that Berlin has its very own bar on a car park rooftop… well, of course I was going to check it out!

The bar in question is called Klunkerkranich, which translates to “wattled crane” (no, I don’t know what that means either), and can be reaching by catching the elevator in the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre to the top floor.

Klunkerkranich Berlin

From there, there are signs you can follow to find the bar – but when we were there, our lift was full of people heading to Klunkerkranich, and I’d assume that’s a regular thing. So basically, you can just follow them!

The entry is only €4, and once you’re in, you can stay for the night. The drinks are pretty cheap too (which is one thing I was surprised about, as cheap drinks are standard in Berlin – not what you’d necessarily expect from a capital city). A double vodka and apple juice was €8, and we got €1 refunded when we returned our glasses.

View from Klunkerkranich

The bar itself was inside, but you obviously go to Klunkerkranich for the views – and they don’t disappoint! You can literally see the whole of Berlin right in front of your eyes. We turned up at 9pm, so were lucky enough to watch the sun go down with our vodkas in hand: the best way to spend our first night in Berlin!

There’s a fair amount of seating outside, but when we turned up there were only benches left. I’d imagine that in the summer especially if you want a table, you’d have to turn up early evening.


Klunkerkranich was such a cute bar, with things to look at and little details to see everywhere you turned: fairylights were strewn across the garden furniture, and fake flamingos were dotted around the place. If you looked up you could see a giant cat’s head (also fake, obvs)… and there was even a sandpit! Although, I hate getting sand in my shoes, so I gave it a miss.

Giant cats head

One of the things I loved about Berlin was how chilled the place was, and how it was so hipsterish – it was basically Shoreditch, but a whole city. The vibe at Klunkerkranich was no different, and it was one of my favourite bars in Berlin.

Later on, it started to get pretty chilly (I mean, we were pretty high up). The locals came prepared with coats and scarves, whereas we just had our summer(ish) clothes on.

Fairylights at Klunkerkranich

Once we’d had a couple of drinks, we decided to head off in search of another bar nearby – we only had three nights there, so wanted to make the most of seeing all the nightlife! However, next time in Berlin, I’ll definitely be paying another visit to Klunkerkranich (provided it’s in summer!), and will spend a lot longer there.

Klunkerkranich: Karl Marx Strasse 66, 12043 Berlin

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