My Search for the Perfect Clover Club

Clover Club

Clover Club: gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, sweet Vermouth, egg white, fresh raspberries.

My favourite cocktail in the whole world may be a Polish Martini (Zubrowka Bison Grass, Krupnik and apple juice… perfection); but I really love Clover Clubs too, and hardly any bar has Krupnik in to make me a Polish Martini!

Whenever a Clover Club (or even an Aviation) appears on a menu, it’s like I can’t even see the rest of the cocktails on offer. I obviously have to go for the Clover Club!

The thing is though, Clover Clubs can be difficult to get right, and I’ve had loads of not-so-good ones over the years. It’s important that the drink is both smooth and sweet – if it’s sour then it’s just wrong.

Luckily, I’ve also sampled some extremely amazing Clover Clubs all over the world – these are my top three.

Eppol Milano

Sadly I have no pictures of said Clover Club… but here’s a beautiful picture of the bar, sourced from Eppol

Eppol, Milan

Via Marcello Malpighi 7, 20129 Milano

I absolutely loved this bar, and not just for the Clover Clubs (which were amongst the best I’ve tasted).

Amongst the glamorous designer bars in Milan lay Eppol, with its exposed brick walls, hipster clientele and creative cocktail menu.

I knew it was the place for me when I noticed that the bartender was wearing a Moschino sweater. I ordered a Clover Club followed by an Aviation, and both were extremely delicious.

I’ve debated going back to Milan for the weekend just so I can go to Eppol again. Realistically though, I’ll still end up shopping in Miu Miu and Moschino again, so for the sake of my bank balance it’s probably best if I don’t book those flights…

Berry and Rye

Berry & Rye, Liverpool

48 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ

The Lost & Found in Leeds was going to feature on this list, but then I visited Berry & Rye in Liverpool and found that their Clover Clubs were even nicer – and let me tell you, Lost & Found’s Clover Clubs are pretty hard to beat!

Located on Berry Street, this Prohibition-style bar is fairly well hidden, with no signage. You’ll need to knock on the door and wait for a free table to be allowed entry.

The cocktail menu is cute, hidden inside an old fashioned book. Whilst there are lots of cocktails on offer, I’d obviously recommend going for the Clover Club!

Very smooth and not at all sour, it had that classic foam finish that all great Clover Clubs have.

Next time I’m back in Liverpool for the night, I’ll be heading straight back to Berry & Rye for a Clover Club (although I may see how their Aviation’s fare too).

Are you heading to Liverpool for a night out? Check out the bars I visited here.

Blue Fox the Bar

Blue Fox the Bar, Budapest

Erzsébet tér 7, Budapest, 1051

On my final night in Budapest, after having spent a night by the Danube sipping cocktails at Kiosk; we finally visited Blue Fox the Bar.

Their Clover Clubs were so moreish, and not a hint of sour. Whilst the presentation may not have been on par with Eppol and Berry & Rye (where was my raspberry garnish?!) the taste more than made up for it.

And the staff – they were so friendly! To anyone who’s going to Budapest, I would definitely recommend going for a Clover Club at Blue Fox.

I’ve drunk so many Clover Clubs in so many bars in cities all over the world, and whilst I’ve had many good ones, these are truly the best of the best.

But who knows? Maybe I’ll visit somewhere else and find that their Clover Club tops the list? It’s a challenge I’m willing to accept.

Elle Pollicott


  1. I’ve never had this drink before but from the description I feel like I should try it! Thanks for sharing the bar recommendations. How did you find them? do you get recommendations from friends?

    • Hi Hanna, I’ve always loved Clover Clubs so if I ever find one on the menu I usually have it! And I always research cocktail bars before I go away so I can check out the best ones 😊

  2. These places look amazing! The drinks look so delicious! I’m super keen to try these out if I ever visit those places.

  3. I had Never heard of a clover club before, and being a gin drinker i just know id love it! My husband is from Liverpool, so i think a Visit to Berry & rye is on the cards next time we head over that way. Cheers!

  4. I’ve never even heard of this drinnk! it sounds so yummy! I have some friends going to budapest, so i’m definitely telling them about this bar and the drink!

  5. Haha, I feel the same way about avocado, so I totally get you! to be honest, i have never tried a clover club (i am more a beer lover), but i certainly will look out for it next time!

  6. I’m ashamed to admit my knowledge of cocktails stretches as far as frozen margaritas and mojitos. Never heard about a clover club before, but am sure gonna order one now next time I’m in a cocktail bar. Can’t believe how far apart you’ve found the best ones – milan, liverpool, budapest… what are all the ingredients in them anyway?

  7. ive never had a clover club to be honest. But they look amazing. Its so coOl that you go in search of your drink of choice In all these places. We shod all do more of this haha.

  8. The drink looks amazing… Although i am afraid my knowledge of drinks is very limited. I will definitely check this out Just out of curiousity 😀

  9. I am jot a huge drinker, but youve made me intri lol☺️ I think im gonna have to track these down! Loved the photos as well!

  10. i feel like i know cocktails pretty well, but have never heard of the clover club. sounds tasty! I may have to check out the blue fox if i end up making it to budapest next summer!

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