Secret Bar: Lost Property Nottingham

Lost Property Nottingham

I do love a good secret bar. Whilst I know a fair few people who roll their eyes at the “pretentiousness” of trying to locate somewhere that’s known for being hidden; I love seeking them out (the most hidden of hidden bars I’ve been to so far has to be Washhouse in Manchester!).

So when I found out we had a new secret bar in Nottingham, of course I had to try it out!

Located down a side street at 7.5 Carlton Street, Lost Property Nottingham is opposite the alleyway where the entrance of Hockley Arts Club is found.

Lost Property Nottingham is owned by Curious Venues which owns some of the best cocktail bars in Nottingham (think Curious Manor and Curious Townhouse).

We booked a table at 9pm on a Friday night to sample some of the drinks. When I walked into the bar the first thing I was greeted with, was a noticeboard with a picture of a pigeon (I like pigeons). We were off to a good start.

Lamp post

The bar itself is quite small, but if you walk round the back, you’ll come across another room with another seating area. The décor was really cool, with suitcases and ornaments dotted around the bar. I really liked the atmosphere – the music was low enough to have a conversation (a must for me!), and the drinks were good too.

English Rose cocktail

I started off with an English Rose, and then tried a drink garnished with jelly babies (I can’t remember what it was called!). They tasted really good, and my friends enjoyed their drinks too.


Lost Property Nottingham is definitely a place I’ll be going to again and again – and I’ll be bringing all my friends here too!

Lost Property: 7.5 Carlton Street, Nottingham, NG1 1NL

Elle Pollicott


  1. Ahhh.. happy memories of the first ever cocktail bar I’ve ever visited, thanks for dragging me along! Really enjoyed the ambience and general atmosphere of the place, definitely would recommend to anyone who loves cocktails.

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