Sheep Chic in Scandinavia

Sheep chic in Scandinavia

So, on my most recent trip to Copenhagen, I wasn’t supposed to go shopping. But then I did. And I’m glad I did, because if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have bought this coat.

My last trip to Copenhagen was only for the day, showing some friends around the sights – although if I’m being totally honest, my favourite sights of Copenhagen are the shops. And what was the point in travelling all the way to the Danish capital without seeing if there was something that needed to be added to my wardrobe?

Anyway, as I walked into Monki on Stroget (who can say no to Monki?!), I saw this coat from across the room. Trying it on, it felt so warm. And it looked good with my outfit.

Sheep chic

… But I wasn’t supposed to be buying any more clothes, and especially not coats, because I have so many of them. But the thing is, at that moment in time, I didn’t have a cream, sheep-inspired snuggly coat. So it wasn’t like it would be a waste of money.

Nevertheless, I left Monki empty-handed, telling myself I would think about it. Fast forward a couple of hours, and I was STILL thinking about that coat, and I knew if I didn’t buy it, I’d regret it.

Obviously I went back to Monki to buy the coat! It was just as well really, because even though it was sunny in Copenhagen, later on, it turned really cold. Too cold for my bomber jacket, so I got my first use out of my sheep coat.

Sheep chic coat

Now I’m looking forward to the weather getting colder back in the UK so I can start channelling sheep chic full-time. It’s going to look SO good with an all-black outfit, and to be honest, I’ll probably wear it when I’m back in Denmark (although I wouldn’t want to break the all-black rules in Copenhagen, so it’ll probably be Aarhus).

The moral of the story is that you should ALWAYS go shopping in Copenhagen. Overall, I’d say this was a very good purchase, because sheep chic can never be a bad thing. And I have a feeling that I may need to start investing in some very warm clothes for the future…

Coat: Monki

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Fjällräven

Boots: Vagabond

Elle Pollicott

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