The Sweater: the Most Practical Piece of Clothing

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When you’re cold all the time like I am, you basically live your life in sweaters. Seriously, I swear they’re overtaking my wardrobe, and I literally have no space for any more clothes (cry).

But they’re totally practical, because what else am I going to wear when it’s freezing cold outside? These are just a few of my favourite sweaters I’m wearing right now.

Serenity now sweater

Serenity Now Sweater, Weekday

This is oversize to the extreme, but I love the oversized look. Besides, if you wear it with skinny jeans or a tight black skirt, it looks really good.

Super comfy, Weekday always knows exactly what it is I want. I mean, I actually broke my January shopping ban to buy this sweater, soooo… that says it all really.

I’ve been wearing this loads, and I can’t see that stopping any time soon. Yeah sure, my face is more resting bitch face than serene, but who cares when my sweater looks this good? FYI, it goes perfectly with my ice blue faux fur coat.

Surreal hoodie

Surreal Hoodie, Urban Outfitters

This was another sweater that caused me to break my shopping ban on January 1st. I’m really into this sheep-style material right now (my first ever item of clothing of this kind being my sheep chic coat!). I don’t usually wear hoodies, but I can make an exception for this cropped one.

Style it with skinny jeans, platform boots and a choker. Oh, and a side pony too, obvs.

Just waiting for my life to be surreal now.

Cheap Monday sweater close up

Cheap Monday Sweater, Cheap Monday

OF COURSE I had to include at least one Cheap Monday sweater! It’s like, a staple item of clothing for me. If I’m ever unsure of what to wear, it’s basically jeans, a Cheap Monday sweater and a statement coat.

I love the loose fit of this, and the frayed edges at the bottom of the sleeves. It’s just so easy and comfy to wear – although I do try to avoid wearing this on Monday wherever possible.

I have to say, I’m sorry to all my other sweaters I neglected in this post – I love you all! It was hard deciding between just three sweaters, especially when you have Ann Sofie Back, Moschino and Wood Wood as serious contenders. Still, I’ll probably end up writing another post showing them off too.

Yeah… I guess I have more than three favourite sweaters.

Photos by Nick Radjabi.

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