The Silver Puffa

Silver puffa jacket in sun

I have a confession to make: I am in love with this coat. Seriously. Everything about it – the silver, the puffa, the sheer metallic-ness – is soooo tacky, but that’s what makes me love it so much.

I’ve had a fair few “omg they’re so tacky they’re actually amazing” items of clothing, and this coat definitely falls under that category.

Silver puffa close up

In fact, it’s no secret that I’m kind of obsessed with coats (remember that sheep-chic coat I bought a month ago? It’s looking great with so many of my outfits btw). But the thing is, they’re so worth investing in, because you can wear a stylish all-black outfit, and then add a coat as a statement piece.

And my silver puffa is most definitely screaming a statement.

Silver puffa and vagabonds

As usual, when I found this coat, I wasn’t looking to buy anything. But I saw it, and knew instantly that I needed it.

I wore it on my most recent trip to Copenhagen, throwing the all-black rules out of the window (sorry, fellow Danes!). But it looked good, I got compliments, and it kept me warm (well, as warm as I can possibly be) on a freezing cold day. And I’m half expecting to turn up in Copenhagen in a few months’ time to find half the population working silver puffas.

Silver puffa jacket

The only downside to this coat? Well, it’s so obvious and in-your-face that I’ll know instantly if I spot someone wearing the same coat. And that will make me sad, because I hate it when someone wears the same thing as I do.

And when that happens, where do I go from the silver puffa? Because honestly, I don’t know. Since buying my lilac feather jacket two years ago, everyone is now into feathers (NOT. FAIR.). I’m seeing copies of my sheep jacket in the likes of Topshop; and for that reason, it’s pretty much inevitable that silver puffas are going to be a big thing this winter (or at a push, next winter…).

Puffa jacket

So, for that reason, I’m not disclosing where I bought this jacket from. And pleeeeease don’t buy a silver puffa, because I’d like to have at least one item of clothing that no one else has. Please.

All photos taken by the incredibly talented Nick Radjabi (because if he can make me look good, then he can make anyone look good!).

Silver puffa and cropped jumper

Elle Pollicott

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