Torggata Botaniske: AKA The Best Bar in Oslo

First round of cocktails

Two years. Two whole years. That’s how long I’d been waiting to go to Torggata Botaniske. Honestly, if it had existed the first two times I’d been to Oslo, I’d have sampled the whole menu by now.

As it turned out, I had to wait until my most recent trip in May 2018, to finally pay a visit to Torggata Botaniske. I’d been following them on Instagram for ages, and was getting major envy every time they posted a picture of a new cocktail that I could look at, but not physically drink. It was so tragic.

Torggata Botaniske

So, on our last night in Oslo (the day before, we’d been to Aku Aku, obvs), after having one of the nicest risotto dishes of my life (at Tavern’an, FYI), we headed over to Torggata Botaniske. Needless to say, I was pretty excited.


As we walked in, the bar wasn’t as big as I’d expected – not that that’s a bad thing. However, Torggata Botaniske certainly lived up to its namesake: the walls and ceilings were draped in vines, with elegant chandeliers barely peeping through the greenery. The tables were garnished with delicate bouquets of flowers, and the drinks were presented with various leaves too.

Happy drinking cocktails

We settled at the table by the window as we ordered our first round of drinks. I chose Big in Japan: gin, plums, rosemary syrup, lemon, and Angostura Bitters. It was so good, I had it a second time round.

Second round of cocktails

The other drinks we sampled were Torggata Botaniske, which consisted of rum, mint, lemongrass, lemon and sugar and the Solformørkelse, with vodka, absinthe, cherry liqueur, liquorice syrup, lemon and peychaud bitters. We also ordered Impærfektum, with a mixture of rum, pear liqueur, thyme, and pepper syrup. None of them were as good as mine though.

It was so sad having to say goodbye to Torggata Botaniske and Oslo – it’s definitely my new favourite bar in the city, and it certainly lived up to expectations.

Vines and chandeliers

In fact, the trip reminded me of just how much I love Oslo too. For a time, it was my favourite city in the whole world – ahead of Copenhagen, even – and I can so see myself living there, in a beautiful apartment on Aker Brygge… spending my evenings sipping cocktails in Torggata Botaniske. Why I am not rich already?! That would so be my life.

Torggata Botaniske menu

Now, I’m looking at flights back to Oslo (of course), so I can have some more Torggata Botaniske and Big in Japan’s in my life.

Torggata Botaniske: Torggata 17B, 0183, Oslo, Norway

Elle Pollicott

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