Typical Scandinavian and Fila Trainers

Fila trainers

Every single item of clothing in these photos are amongst my favourites in my wardrobe. Strong statement I know, but it’s true.

First of all, can we all just take a minute to appreciate this top? Guess where I bought? Yepppp… Copenhagen (coincidentally on the same trip where I bought the skirt I’m wearing). My first item of clothing from Samsøe Samsøe, after visiting their store god knows how many times. I genuinely don’t think I could have bought anything better. Of course, I’ve worn it in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo… all in the space of a few months.

Typical Scandinavian top

And, it’s totally legit because I’m 2% Scandinavian.

OK, now these trainers? Funny really, because up until about four years I literally never wore trainers (they reminded me too much of school PE, and that’s something I really don’t want to remember, if I’m being totally honest). But then, I got my classic New Balance and Nikes, and then I came across these retro 90s Filas… and the rest is history.

They’re soooo chunky, they’re kind of hideous (a bit like these shoes – ugly pretty, am I right?!), but they go really well with a cute dress – or this top and skirt combo. Oh, and they look pretty good with my black jeans too.

Fila trainers and Samsoe Samsoe top

I bought them as a birthday present to my 25-year-old self, and I’ve been wearing them almost daily this summer… and they even came with me when I went to Toronto (it was stressful trying to shove them into my suitcase!).

The skirt, I’m sure you’ll have seen across my Instagram. It’s a Weekday classic. A little on the short side, but it’s such a wearable style, and it goes with every single one of my tops. So glad I bought it, kind of regret I didn’t get two.

Fila trainers and black denim skirt

Now that I have my own flat, unfortunately I need to massively cut back on spending money on clothes… which means there’s an absence of additional Scandi in my wardrobe. However, I do have trips booked back to Oslo and Copenhagen, so I suppose I can get my fix of some black clothing – and it’s clearly something a typical Scandinavian would do.

Elle Pollicott

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