The Velvet Slip Dress

Outfit for Saturday night

Like most people, I have a fail-safe style when it comes to outfits for going out. I only need to open my wardrobe to know what I’m most comfortable in: the classic slip dress.

Dainty and elegant, it has the perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication. It’s the simplest of dresses – a blank canvas: you can choose whether to dress it up or make it casual. And the loose fitting style means that you can go out for dinner, have dessert and still feel good!

velvet slip

This particular slip dress is from Zara. I liked it so much that I wouldn’t let the simple fact of them not having my size deter me: I just bought a size bigger. It does mean that I have to keep on checking to make sure nothing is on display, but it’s a small price to pay!

Velvet has been big for a while now, but the fabric feels quite opulent and is nice for dressing up. Navy blue makes a change from my typical black.

velvet slip back

I love the low back on my dress – it adds something to what would otherwise be an ordinary dress – and no one knows about it until I turn around! The lace detailing on the hem is a subtle touch, but really gives it that added extra.

Embroidered choker

I don’t usually wear such low cut dresses, but this particular outfit calls for a choker. Mine is from Urban Outfitters – the embroidered flowers gives it an Eastern European vibe, which was reason enough for me to buy!

With the weather still cold, I opted for tights and boots in an effort to keep as warm as possible (FYI – didn’t work!). Another obsession of mine is the bomber jacket. When I bought this one in Copenhagen last year, I wasn’t sure about it initially, but it literally goes with everything!

For a night out, I absolutely love wearing Shalimar by Guerlain. I don’t find many perfumes with staying power – usually I spritz in the morning and the scent has gone a couple of hours later. Not Shalimar though. The scent is timeless: a mix of bergamot, jasmine and vanilla amongst other notes. It’s quite strong though, so I only tend to wear it at night!

Cocktails at Junkyard

Dress: Zara

Jacket: Weekday

Boots: ASOS

Choker: Urban Outfitters

Perfume: Shalimar, Guerlain

Elle Pollicott

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