Victoria’s Secret Pyjamas

Victoria's Secret pyjamas

Since I moved into my own place, I’ve bought considerably fewer clothes (and booked less holidays too).

Whilst this upsets me greatly, when I was in Toronto I went on one last shopping spree. In addition to my white ankle boots, gym gear and glitter piggy bag, I also bought some new pyjamas from Victoria’s Secret.

I love wearing nice pyjamas (mainly because on the evenings after work when I’m not doing anything, the first thing I do when I get home is have a shower and put my pjs on). So, I’ll often spend a lot of money on pyjamas, because I don’t mind justifying it if I wear them around my flat a lot.

Black velvet pyjama shorts

When I walked into Victoria’s Secret in the Eaton Centre, I was first drawn to the black velvet shorts; then quickly to the pink velvet vest. However, instead of trying them on, I walked out the store, telling myself I didn’t need to drop £100 on more pyjamas… not after all the money I’d spent on the other clothes I’d bought!

Pink velvet pyjama top

Except a mere 15 minutes later I was heading back to Victoria’s Secret to try them on, and spotted the black and pink silky shorts too. Once I’d tried them on, there was no way I wasn’t going to get them.

These aren’t the first pair of Victoria’s Secret pyjamas I’ve gotten – last summer my best friend and I bought matching pj shorts just so we could have a sleepover (featuring Domino’s Pizza and pic’n’mix; it was a very good sleepover).

Black and pink silk pyjama shorts

I love going to Victoria’s Secret for pyjamas as they have such pretty styles, and these silk and velvet pyjamas feel so luxurious. In fact, I have an obsession with velvet at the minute – not only has it been a prominent feature in my wardrobe over the last few years, it’s now extended to the décor in my flat (as you can see with my duvet!).

Despite at the time wondering whether I should splash the cash on these Victoria’s Secret pyjamas, I’m now so glad I did, as they’re literally my favourite thing to wear to bed.

Pyjamas: Victoria’s Secret

Elle Pollicott

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