What I Wore in Boston

Outfit in Boston

I’d been unsure as to what to pack for Boston, with it being so much further north than Miami and New Orleans. I figured it would be like British weather (i.e. mild and rainy), but it turned out that it was pretty hot, so summer clothes worked just fine.

First outfit in Boston

Outfit Number One

First of all, I was going to put on the new playsuit I’d bought in New Orleans, but it wasn’t supposed to be that warm (plus my jackets didn’t really go with the playsuit).

Instead, I played it safe with my Dr Denim jeans, Weekday striped top and trusty bomber jacket. Miu Miu came along too, obviously.

A fun day of brunching on pancakes, walking through the common and hanging out at the harbour was had. And then the evening was even better…

Urban Outfitters playsuit

Outfit Number Two

Yay, I finally got to wear my new playsuit I bought from Urban Outfitters in New Orleans! I was feeling full on ice skater vibes in this (just needed some white skates and I was ready).

This was probably the best night out we had in America… we started off at Alibi, which was a former jail; and then headed up to Cambridge for absinthe cocktails. Fun times.

Harvard selfie

Outfit Number Three

It was sooo hot today, and I was kind of dying from the night before, so I tried to find the summeriest of dresses I had left.

I found this dress by chance as I was walking past Superdry a few days before my holiday. I only really associate Superdry with the really bright t-shirts and logos, but I really love this dress.

Ideal for hanging out at Harvard for a day. Although I thought those sunglasses were sneakily disguising how I really felt, but I’m literally radiating tiredness from this picture. Not a great look, I’ll admit.

For my final night out, I wore my navy velvet dress (no pictures, sorry!). We opted for sophistication, hanging out 52 floors above Boston at Top of the Hub, before continuing on to City Bar. They were both only five minutes from us. And I actually didn’t wear my Monki platforms for once – instead, I wore (kind of similar) suede platforms with embroidered flowers from Topshop.

USA sweater outfit

Outfit Number Four

I only had a few hours in Boston until I had to head to the airport, so I opted for comfort in a vest, jeans and Converse. I put on my Brandy Melville USA sweater for the plane (why are airports and planes so freezing?).

Having gotten back to the UK for mid-June, typically we’ve had no nice weather, so my actual summer clothes are hiding back in the wardrobe. Kind of sad, but you know what? I’m also looking forward to turtlenecks, thermal tights, thick wool coats and boots. Yay, winter!

Find out more about my time in Boston here, or alternatively, you can read more about what I got up to in Miami and New Orleans in #scandigoesstateside!

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