What I Wore in Miami

I’m naturally more of a winter dresser than a summer dresser – it’s probably because I love black so much – I just love wearing layers and coats and scarves.

Plus, it’s so easy to look nice in summer without even having to try. All you have to do is throw on a pretty summer dress, or denim shorts and vest and done. Easy.

Miami is the ultimate summer destination, and whilst I prefer dressing for winter, I also had some really nice summer clothes that I wanted to show off. These are the outfits that I wore whilst I was in Miami!

Metallic swimsuit

Outfit Number One

I’ve always preferred wearing swimsuits to bikinis: if I was stick thin then I don’t think I’d mind wearing a bikini so much… but I feel way more comfortable in swimsuits!

I loved this swimsuit from River Island, as it was a bit different. The metallic colour seemed perfect for Miami; and I liked the one shoulder and mesh cut-outs too.

Bit awkward when I realised at the end of the day though, that the sun had shone through the mesh sections and left me with some seriously stripy tan lines!

Paired with denim shorts, Havaianas and a white floral beach cover up, it transitioned well from downtown Miami to South Beach.

Saturday night Miami

Outfit Number Two

This was my favourite outfit I wore in Miami – taken from our Saturday night out. The silver jumper was bought in Scandinavia from Monki. My shoes are also from Monki, and they win the title of Comfiest Heels in the World.

I bought the shorts from Zara when I was in Sofia a few weeks earlier. They’re so pretty and look equally good dressed up with heels, and down with Converse. I feel like they’d have looked even better if I’d worn them on my last night in America, when I was more tanned!

Elle and Laura Everglades

Outfit Number Three

I bought this halter top from Urban Outfitters last year, but hadn’t gotten round to wearing it (probably because it’s never warm enough in the UK!). I put my bikini top underneath so I could get optimum sunbathing time in whilst in the Everglades, trying to get rid of my weird tan lines.

Sitting out in the blazing heat in the middle of the swamp for five hours started to get a bit too much… I probably should have bought something with sleeves in as well, but thank God I didn’t burn!

Mermaid brigade

Outfit Number Four

My friend and I had found these mermaid swimsuits in a shop on South Beach, and had a great idea that we should wear them to a pool party.

So we may not have found an actual pool party in Miami on a Monday afternoon, but at least we got to wear matching swimsuits, right?!

Find out more about what I got up to in Miami here, or read about my travels in New Orleans and Boston as part of my next installments of #scandigoesstateside!

Elle Pollicott

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