What I Wore in New Orleans

What I wore

I was so glad that I packed some extra clothes last minute before I flew to America, otherwise I would have seriously regretted it. As if I would have been able to wear the same thing twice in thirty five degrees heat!

With the absence of pools and the beach, New Orleans felt even hotter than Miami – especially as we spent our days walking around the city. I have to say, my New Orleans outfits were amongst my favourite of the whole trip (although the humidity ruined my hair!).

Day one

Outfit Number One

I bought this playsuit specifically for America. I wear a lot of black in the winter, but don’t in the summer because hardly anywhere sells black summer clothes. But then I found this in Urban Outfitters… and they do the best playsuits.

It’s the perfect transitional day to evening outfit. I wore it for our first full day of exploring New Orleans with the new silver sandals I’d gotten for my birthday. I was going to wear it for a night out on Bourbon Street too, except we got caught in a torrential thunderstorm, and I was literally drenched. It took two days for my playsuit to dry out! Sadly, it was not worn again in America.

Day one evening

Outfit Number Two

So this is what I changed into after the thunderstorm! Except I didn’t realise just how humid it was going to be in New Orleans at night, so I probably didn’t need the jacket (although I was paranoid in case I got bitten alive by mosquitos because I forgot my bug spray).

Recognise this top? It featured in this post, and I accidentally left it in a hotel room in Copenhagen. I had it shipped back to the UK, but miscalculated the currency exchange and agreed to what I thought was a £5 fee, but actually turned out to be £50. Oops…

Much fun was had this evening as we went on a ghost tour, listened to Paris Hilton (which is kind of like partying with her, right…?!), took a grand tour of the French Quarter’s souvenir shops to find the perfect mask (xoxo, Gossip Girl); and went out on Bourbon Street. Oh, and of course we bought beads.

Day two

Actual footage of me with Bo Peep and sheep

Outfit Number Three

This was another present for my birthday, for America, and it’s from Miss Selfridge. I remember when I was like, fifteen, Miss Selfridge was my favourite shop, and I used to go there all the time. I hadn’t been in years, then just went on the off-chance, and found this dress.

I feel kind of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, slash Alice in Wonderland in this dress. My friend said it was a little Bo Peep-ish, which was funny, because when we went to City Park we came across Storybook Land, and who did we see but Little Bo Beep?

Perfect outfit for alligator hunting in the morning, and rollercoaster riding (and Bo Peep posing) in the afternoon.

Day three

Dying from the humidity

Outfit Number Four

It was SO hot again, and I still had dodgy tan lines from the first day of sunbathing in Miami, so this playsuit seemed like the answer.

We visited Mardi Gras World in the afternoon and it didn’t have any aircon, so I think I would have melted if I’d worn anything else.

Plus, I didn’t even need to bother changing in the evening. We had dinner and drinks out on Frenchmen Street at night (the less-tacky alternative to Bourbon Street… sorry, but it’s true!).

New Orleans was as casual as I’d expected to be… I was sad to have to say no to heels in the evenings; but to be honest, I had Boston coming up, so I could save all my classy outfits!

Find out more about what I got up to in New Orleans here, or read more about my adventures in Miami and Boston as part of #scandigoesstateside.

Elle Pollicott

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