The Yellow Checked Clueless Skirt

Yellow tartan skirt

How inspirational is Cher’s wardrobe from Clueless? It has to be my all-time favourite film, and Cher’s one of the only people who has a wardrobe that I’m actually envious of.

My all-time favourite Cher look? The harlequin print skirt with a long sheer shirt and baby blue jumper casually worn over the top (so not a shame that she couldn’t find her collarless shirt from Fred Segal, aka her most capable looking outfit).

My second favourite Cher look and the most iconic outfit of the whole movie? Ummm… that would the yellow skirt suit.

Yellow checked Clueless skirt

So iconic is this skirt, you’d have thought it would have been recreated in at least some high street stores; especially since 90s fashion has been back in a big way for a good couple of years now (yayyy… chokers, slip dresses… all of my favourites!).

But, it wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I nipped into Topshop on my lunch break one day, and saw this skirt gazing back at me from the window. Trying it on, I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before – and then when I went to the till, they said it had debuted in store that day.

Ann Sofie Back top

Sadly, I have yet to find a matching jacket, but regardless, wearing this skirt gives me some serious Clueless vibes. Plus, I don’t want to totally stray from my love of black (call it dressing like a Dane), and it’s a nice colour pop against my Ann Sofie Back vest.

Coincidentally, that’s not the only Clueless-esque piece I’ve had in my wardrobe over the years. T-bars were a major part of my life for me when I was a teenager, as were over the knee socks (call it my Blair Waldorf phase).

Pale blue checked skirt

However, I’ve always loved checked or tartan skirts, and earlier on this year, I purchased this beautiful baby blue skirt from Urban Outfitters. Yeah, it’s a little (OK, a lot) on the short side, but it’s very summery and I’ve worn it so many times. Besides, in my opinion, you can never have too many checked mini skirts.

One thing’s for sure: my yellow checked Clueless skirt (and baby blue skirt too), is here to stay in my wardrobe for a very long time.

Clueless inspired blue checked skirt

Black vest: Ann Sofie Back

Yellow checked Clueless skirt: Topshop

Black trainers: Nike

White top: River Island

Blue checked skirt: Urban Outfitters

White trainers: H&M


Elle Pollicott

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